DIY Face Scan Time Clock with Timesheet Software (No Ongoing Fees)

Do you want an outright solution with no ongoing monthly or yearly fees?  

Are you looking to replace your paper timesheets or Bundy clock and timecards with an automated solution?

This is the solution for you! The DIY facial recognition time clock is compact and easy to use and comes with our lite timesheet software. There are no ongoing costs or fees, and this is a buy outright solution perfect for any small business.  

DIY, Face Scan Time Clock & Timesheet Software

The DIY time clock is a smart facial recognition employee time clock, which is small and compact. The time clock features enhanced facial recognition technology, making it fast and easy for employees to use and clock on and off for work. It has a 2.8-inch colour touch screen and is easy to navigate the menu to enrol employees. It has cutting-edge innovative technology against most, black/white or colour, and video ideal for any business. The DIY time clock is an innovative and reliable employee time clock solution, and a perfect option for any workplace.

Our lite software will help you save time on manual timesheet calculations and reduce time theft and errors associated with paper timesheets.  

Record and report employee timesheets with our simple to use timesheet software. Easily record time in, time out, meal breaks and lunch breaks for each day of the workweek. Report on total hours worked per pay period and automatically calculate employee's regular hours and overtime hours. Automate your employee timesheets and payroll process via a file import with our payroll export function. Our lite software is perfect for any small business and has no ongoing monthly or yearly fees.    

DIY, Face Scan Time Clock Features

Employee Clock Features:  

  • Proactive Facial Recognition Clocking
  • Pin Code Clocking
  • Visible Light Facial Recognition technology
  • Wi-Fi Enabled - Network communication via WiFi only
  • Touch Screen – 2.8-inch colour touch screen easy to operate  
  • Local Encrypted Data Only - Local storage of user data to protect employee privacy  
  • Dimension 100 x 100 x 25.5 (mm)  
  • 12-month hardware replacement warranty  

Lite Software Features

Lite Software Features:  

  • No ongoing costs, low cost of ownership  
  • Windows-based desktop application  
  • Preconfigured rules for calculating timesheets
  • Integration with payroll providers via a file export
  • Timesheets, Clocking, and Payroll reports are available
  • Reports available in excel or pdf format
  • DIY set up with a complimentary e-learning course
  • 30 days of technical support included

Upgrade to any of our Aussie Time Sheets software solutions for more features at anytime.  

We Offer Payroll Integration to 40+ Leading Payroll Providers

Take the hassle out of preparing timesheets for payroll each week.

Aussie Time Sheets integrates with your favourite payroll application so you can import timesheet data quickly. Send your employee timesheets directly to payroll with our file export feature. Our Lite software version integrates with over 40 popular payroll systems to save you time when processing payroll. Exporting is easy and with a few clicks you can ensure you send a receive the right time sheets for the right pay period and pay your employees for the right hours.

Integration is available with the following payroll applications;

Accentis, Ace Payroll, ADP, Ascender, Attache, Cloud Payroll, CLUBLine, e-PayDay, ePayroll / Aussie Pays, EzyWine, HR3, iChris Payroll, Infotel, iPayroll, Keypay, Micrsoft Dynaics AX, MYOB Essentials, MYOB Advanced, MYOB Exo, PayPac, PaySauce, PayTek, Pronto, Quickbooks & Quickbooks ONLINE, Reckon, Reckon Accounts Hosted, Reckon Payroll Premier, Rockfast, Sage, Sage Wage Easy, Micropay, Salesforce, Smart Payroll NZ, Tencia, UniPay, and VisiPay.

Please note; payroll integration with Xero payroll is not included with the Lite software version. Please view our Aussie Time Sheets Basic Software for this feature.

Getting Started is Easy

1. Install your time clock in the chosen location. We recommend installing it in a central area like a team room, break room, or inside an entry point. The time clock is not waterproof and is best used indoors.

2. Connect the time clock to your network via WiFi.

3. Install your timesheet software to a Windows 10 or higher desktop or laptop.

4. Add your employees and configure the rules around their shifts using the preconfigured departments and shift rules.

5. Enrol your employee faces at the time clock.  

You are now ready for your employees to start clocking for work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the clock installed?

The DIY time clock can be mounted on the wall using the back plate and screws that are provided in the box. It also comes with a mounting template to be used when installing.  

  1. Recommended height from the ground is 1.5 meters and can be adjusted according to the average height of your employees.  
  2. Fix the back plate on the wall using the wall mounting screws.
  3. Plug the power cord into the back of the clock before installing it on the wall.  
  4. Insert the device into the back plate.
  5. Use the security screws to fasten the clock to the mounting plate.

Do you integrate with Xero?

Our Lite software version does not have integration with Xero payroll. We do offer a range of time clocks that integrate directly with Xero . Click Shop Now to view our Xero Time Clocks.   

Does the clock have a fingerprint sensor?

The DIY time clock features facial recogntion and pin code clocking, and does not have a fingerprint option. Click Shop Now to view our fingerprint time clocks.