G4L Multi Biometric Time Clock POE

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The G4L is compatible with our Windows-based solutions, ATS Basic, Premier and Workforce TNA.


Multi Biometric Time Clock - POE Enabled

The G4L is our first multi-biometric verification employee time clock. The time clock features facial recognition, fingerprint authentication and proximity card or tag clocking. Perfect for any workplace or industry, allowing different clocking methods.

It is equipped with advanced Visible Light Facial Recognition technology that enables quicker automatic face detection and facial recognition when an employee enters its detection distance from 0.5m to 2.5m. With new deep learning algorithms applied, the anti-spoofing technology performance has been dramatically heightened and can prevent employees from clocking in and out with a photo or video.

New cutting-edge fingerprint technology enables the G4L to precisely authenticates dry, wet, or rough fingerprints efficiently and accurately. The G4L also supports verification with RFID cards/tags and pin clocking.

Multi Biometric Time Clock Features

  • Please get in touch with us for availability
  • 7" Colour Touchscreen
  • Clock dimensions Width - 112mm x Height - 264mm x Diameter - 54.8mm
  • POE enabled, Power over Ethernet
  • Connect via Ethernet or WiFi Connectivity
  • Flush Wall-mount Installation
  • 12-month replacement warranty
  • Multiple Verification Methods, including facial recognition, fingerprint and RFID
  • Proactive Facial Recognition Clocking
  • Visible Light Facial Recognition, suitable for outdoor use
  • Mask Detection and facial verification available with masks
  • Liveness detection distinguishes live employees from photos or videos
  • RFID, Proximity card and tag and pin code clocking
  • Integrated with our Time and Attendance software

Time & Attendance Software Options

Aussie Time Sheets Basic

  • Single PC Windows Application
  • Automatic timesheet calculations
  • Calculate Ordinary/Base hours, two rates of Overtime and Public Holidays
  • Record & Calculate Employee Leave
  • Timesheet, Clocking and Payroll Reports available in CSV & PDF formatt
  • Direct API integration with Xero Payroll, MYOB AccountRight & Essentials
  • Direct payroll integration with Xero Payroll, MYOB AccountRight & Essentials, PayTek, QuickBooks, Sage, Reckon, PayPac Attache, WageEasy and many more.
  • Includes full software updates and enhancements
  • Ability to upgrade to Premier or Workforce TNA software

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Aussie Time Sheets Premier

  • Multi-user version, centralised data on your server, unlimited number of software users
  • Users can be setup with restricted access allowing particular users to view or edit timesheets  
  • Calculate Ordinary/Base hours, two rates of Overtime and Public Holidays   
  • Record & Calculate Employee Leave  
  • Additional calculations: RDO/TOIL, Shift Loadings, Allowances, and Annual Leave Loading  
  • Timesheet, Clocking and Payroll Reports available  
  • Who is onsite reporting for an emergency, the report can be viewed and quickly printed
  • Employee app clocking records the exact time and date and street address of where the employee clocked in  
  • Integration with payroll, accounting or HR software are readily available

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Workforce TNA

  • Web-Based Enterprise Level Workforce Management Solution  
  • Unlimited Software Users, 100 employee licence included and further employee licences are available
  • Fast, live data available on your PC, tablet or mobile
  • Multiple calculations for easy award interpretation
  • Direct payroll integration with major payroll providers
  • Scheduled email reporting and instant notifications of changes to your workforce
  • Easy to use employee app available on iPhone and Android
  • Employee leave requests and self service features

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Employee App Clocking

Employees can clock on or off using the My Workforce TNA App from their smartphone, which logs the time, date and location. The app is perfect for employees working remotely, from home or on the road to capture their attendance easily.

Ability to upgrade to Workforce TNA software at a later date if required.

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