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Aussie Time Sheets & Accentis Delivering YOU a Seamless Experience

Aussie Time Sheets and Accentis have partnered to deliver a seamless experience when exporting information from Aussie Time Sheets to Accentis for payroll.

This system will transmit all your employee timesheet data to the timesheet area of Accentis for further modification, and ready to report for payroll.

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How does the integration work?

How does the ATS to Accentis integration work?

Simply select the pay period for the employee timesheets you wish to export and click export when in the Accentis software you will receive an import timesheet pop up (shown in the image below) letting you know your employee timesheets are ready to import in the correct file format.

Sample Notification of Aussie Time Sheets export to Accentis

ATS Export Screen in Accentis

What Information is Exported?

What information is exported from Aussie Time Sheets Software to Accentis?

The data exported from Aussie Time Sheets for each employee are the employee ID, the date, total hours worked and a break down of the number of hours worked against each pay code they are entitled to. The information is exported from a payroll summary can also be exported in a .csv or pdf report format. 

The data is exported from your employees time cards has the total daily and weekly worked hours in the timesheets section of Accentis. 

A sample of Aussie Time Sheets employee timesheet data in Accentis ready for further reconciling, editing, or processing. 

Sample Timesheet from export

What features can Accentis Payroll Software offer you?

Accentis Payroll Software Australia offers the following features.

  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) compliant for ATO changes 2018
  • Available as Stand-alone or Fully-integrated with Accentis Enterprise modules
  • Integrated seamlessly with Aussie Time Sheets Software 
  • User-defined options allow customisation for business requirements
  • Many fields allow the recording of unlimited information
  • The advanced functionality of employee records
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