uAttend MN2000 Time Clock, Cloud Time Sheets

      • The uAttend MN2000 makes time and attendance simple and smart, with a Face Scan time clock combined with time sheets in the cloud, eliminate 'buddy punching'. Simply look at your time clock or wave your proximity card passed the MN2000 and your time log is instantly sent to your cloud time sheets, all data is live. Employees simply look at the facial recognition time clock making it completely contactless.

      • A truly plug'n'play time clock, no networking knowledge required. Easily connect multiple clocks to the same web account. Access your time sheets from any device on the internet, no software to install or maintain. Easily export your approved time sheets to your payroll software, Quickbooks, MYOB, Attache, KeyPay, Cloud Payroll, Reckon, Unipay and more.


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