Bundy Clocks

What is a Bundy time clock?  

Bundy Clocks are the easiest way to record your employee's start and finish times. If you are looking for the best and most affordable way to record your employees work hours, buy a Bundy Clock for your business today. Your Bundy Clock comes with a 12-month warranty and lifetime customer support. You can be confident that you are purchasing a quality system.   

With the most affordable Bundy Clock accessories in Australia, you can ensure we are your one-stop-shop for Bundy Clock time cards. Buy your Payroll Bundy Clock system online for fast delivery Australia wide.   

Bundy Clocks have been around for over 120 years. They've come a long way since Harold Bundy invented them. Our Bundy clocks have the latest features you'd expect.  We have been selling the Payroll Bundy Clock model for 7+ years and have thousands of happy customers using the devices every day 

Have any Questions? Call or web chat with our friendly team, and we can talk you through your options in choosing a Bundy Clock for your business.   

How does a Bundy Clock work?   

The ATS Payroll Bundy Clock is the best on the market, this is due to the industrial quality of the product and reliability. Have your Bundy Clock delivered to your business fully pre-programmed ready to start recording your employee time and attendance.  

Your employees insert a weekly time card into the top of the Bundy Clock when arriving or departing their workplace. The date and time are stamped neatly on the time card. The time card has six columns to allow for the start, finish, tea and lunch break times to be recorded neatly and accurately. The time cards are weekly and are allocated to each employee each week.   

Do you need to signal work start, finish and break times? The Bundy clock easily connects to an external bell or siren. The outcome is that employee time cards are clear to read, simple to calculate and quickly enter the data into your payroll system. 

Our Bundy Clocks are RCM compliant and tested to meet Australian EMC standards.