HR Onboarding

Onboard new employees in minutes without the messy paperwork

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What HR Onboarding can do for you?

Automate your employee onboarding process, easily collect key information for employment purposes, communication company procedure, workplace policies and collect and store employee documents all in the one easy to use application.

Save time and minimize non-compliance risk removing the need for manual paperwork and simplifying your onboarding process to a few clicks.

Store and keep a record of:

  • Employee Onboarding & Induction Documents
  • Key Employee Payroll Information
  • Workplace & WHS Policies & Processes

All your onboarding needs minus the paperwork!

Automate Employee Enrollment Process

  • Drastically reduce administration time, saving your business money
  • No paper-file storage – saving space for your business
  • Fast, secure access to key employment documents
  • Single point of data entry

Add new employees in less than a minute using the simple interface!

ATS Onboarding

Easily Collect Employee Information

  • Collect employee personal details

  • Emergency contact information

  • Bank account details

  • Tax File Declaration form

  • Collect tax information

  • Collect Superannuation fund Choices

  • Letter of offer
  • Employment contract
  • Award information
  • Visa documents
  • Drivers licence
  • Passport

Store all documents digitally!

ATS Onboarding

Quick Access to Electronic Documents

  • Employees use ATS Onboarding App on a iPad
  • Electronic Employee Document collection upon induction
  • All employment documents are filled in within the app
  • Upload visas, Licenses & certifications during onboarding
  • Create custom onboarding process to match the position you are filling
  • Get employee contracts and letters of offer signed

Compliant Document Storage

Customer Feedback

Sim Fresh Farm - Luke Cini

Since we have switched over to the onboarding app, we have managed to efficiently manage our entire workforce. We have:

1. Stopped having to printout hundreds of ”Starter packs” containing contracts, letters of offers, Induction Manuals, Fair Work Statements, etc. The folders alone save us hundreds of dollars each year.

2. Now we don’t need to photocopy and scan visa details, passports, VEVO checks, Superannuation forms, Tax File Declarations, etc. anymore.

3. We have moved the filing cabinets that were full of these files out of the office

4. We no longer have to scan all of these documents into our computer at the end of the season, or need to pay our office staff to shred this information once scanned.

5. Using this app has removed the need to manage staff through contractors – we now direct employ, because of how simple it is to manage

The old way of doing things is gone – and we don’t miss it at all!

We were at the point of nearly needing to employee a part-time HR and compliance officer – but the way this app manages our staff, we no longer have the need. We now have a paperless system, which completely manages our Induction process, Record Keeping & Compliance aspects of the business.

We could not be any happier with this app – I highly recommend that all businesses – large & small, take a look at it!

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Compliant Document storage for up to 5 Employees

Free for upto 5 employees

Free Email Support and Setup 


Annual Payment

Compliant Document storage for up to 25 Employees

Annual Payment

Free Email Support and Setup


Annual Payment

Compliant Document storage for up to 50 Employees

Annual Payment

Free Email Support and Setup


Monthly Payment

Compliant Document storage for up to 100 Employees

Monthly direct-debit

Free Email Support and Setup 


Monthly Payment

Compliant Document storage for up to 1000 Employees

Monthly direct-debit

Free Email Support and Setup


Monthly Payment

Compliant Document Storage for unlimited Employees

Monthly direct-debit

Free Email Support and Setup

Coming soon: API integration to major payroll applications
Included free for existing plans