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If you work in the hospitality industry you know that your business’s success likely relies on efficiency, attention to detail and adequate staffing. Maintaining consistency in these areas becomes very difficult with manual timesheets, rostering and payroll processes, which too easily allow for wasted administrative hours, unproductive workforces and gaps in staffing. The quality of staff management has a major impact on the customer’s experience, so it is perhaps more important for hospitality businesses to efficiently manage their workforces than any other industry.

At Aussie Time Sheets we give hospitality businesses the tools to automate and manage their staff’s timesheets, rostering and payroll quickly and efficiently, saving them precious time and money.

Hospitality Time & Attendance Software
Rostering, Onboarding & Payroll Apps for Hospitality Workforce Management

What Businesses Will Benefit from a Time and Attendance Solution?

Whether you own a café, hotel, live music venue or amusement park, you will know the strain on time and resources that employees can be to manage; from chasing up missing timesheets to calculating employee hours, deducting breaks and then manually processing payroll.

Here at Aussie Time Sheets we aim to streamline and simplify your payroll process with software solutions that can save you precious time and money, so you can focus on the important things, like providing excellent service and experiences to your customers.

Hospitality Requirements for a Time and Attendance Solution

  • Limited onsite office space and may process the business’s timesheets and payroll offsite
  • Staff can work unsupervised; however, the business would benefit from employees being made more accountable for their time
  • Time clocks are best placed in the staff room or somewhere convenient when entering the premises
  • Employers and supervisors would benefit from being email notified once an employee has clocked on
  • For OH&S this industry requires an easy to access ‘who’s on site’ fire report process
  • Capture timesheets accurately and electronically record the exact start and finish time of all employees
  • Automate payroll system by using electronic timesheet data to automate payroll. Automates the payment of all award rates, penalties, annual and personal leave
  • Job costing will predict overheads to specific jobs and areas to allocate budgets for job costing and productivity

What Time and Attendance Solution is Recommended for Hospitality?

The time and attendance solution best suited for the hospitality industry is uAttend.


  • Cloud-based software that can be easily accessed anywhere, at any time
  • No software to install
  • Employees can use swipe cards, fingerprint clock, web clocking or phone apps
  • Employees request time off via time clock or website
  • All clocking options are connected to cloud-based software
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Timesheet approval process options
  • Email notifications to alert late starts or early finishes
  • Exports to MYOB, Quickbooks, Attache, Paytek and more
  • Affordable plans for every size business
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime support
Hospitality Bundy Clock

Other Time and Attendance Solutions for Hospitality Trade

ATS Bundy Clock system


  • Easy for Employees to use
  • 6 column Bundy Clock
  • Prints in black and red
  • Automatic column shifting
  • External bell relay in-built
  • 12 month warranty

How Will a Time and Attendance Solution Benefit my Hospitality Business?

  • Reduces administration and payroll hours, and therefore costs
  • Streamlines operations
  • Ensures adequate shift coverage
  • Optimises the efficiency of workforce scheduling
  • Avoids guesswork and costly mistakes
  • Reduces the risk of time theft
  • Ensures labour compliance
  • Manages absences
  • Increases worker productivity

Here’s what some of our healthcare customers have to say about our time and attendance solutions:

“This is a great unit! Set-up is quite straight forward if you follow the instructions carefully, and the process of printing and managing timesheets is a breeze. The fact that staff timesheets are now in the ‘cloud’ makes printing from work or home so simple.”

Sheridan Bradley from Bakers Delight Griffith NSW

“So impressed with the amount of money I am saving. Also could not ask for better technical support in helping me understand the system. Unreservedly recommend this.”
Greg Kleinig from Lucky Roe Snack Bar

 “Amazing company from A to Z! Clear, honest service and product. The technical support is also excellent!”
Abdul from The Great Ozzy Bakehouse