Face Scan Time Clocks

Face Scan time clocks are employee time clocks that use unique facial recognition for staff to clock on/off for work. Using the latest recognition technology, the face scan clock uses an employee's unique facial features to recognise an employee's face. No image capture technology is used, which eliminates employee time theft from using pictures or images to clock others on for work.

With fast and secure verification every time the face scan clocks logs time within 1-2 seconds. Employees simply look at the devices, making them completely contactless. This is great for work environments that leave fingerprints damaged or extremely dirty. Face Scan time clocks link back to software to automatically calculate employee time sheets hours, ready to report on time and attendance and easily process payroll.

Great move choosing a Face Scan Time Clock for your business.  What software would you like?: 

Windows time clock software. Software to install to your local PC to calculate your time sheets and print reports. Basic, Professional and Enterprise level software are available.

- Cloud time clock software. Your timesheets are in the cloud!  No software to install, access from anywhere, anytime.