Time and Attendance Solutions for

Tourism and Transport

Simple Software Solutions

Are you looking for a smarter way to manage your workforce? If you’re frustrated with manual timesheets and payroll, work hours lost to time theft and unproductive employees, a time and attendance management system can help your business.

At Aussie Time Sheets we give you the ability to easily optimise and automate your workforce planning, scheduling and payroll with simple software solutions.

Tourism & Transport Requirements for a Time and Attendance Solution

No matter the size of your business or what industry you operate in, if you have employees you need a time and attendance solution to ensure your workforce remains efficient, productive, reliable and profitable.

The tourism industry in Australia operates in a very fast-paced environment, with a demanding client base and higher levels of employee turnover than many other industries. This makes it important to implement smart systems that create efficient, productive and automated workforces.

In the transportation industry it is crucial to stay on schedule and make timely deliveries. By using a time and attendance system, transportation businesses are able to closely track their fleets, identify any time abuses and optimize their workforce scheduling, ensuring timely deliveries.

Transport businesses typically require a time and attendance solution that allows their employees to clock in remotely from wherever they are, a key feature of our UAttend software. Similarly, the tourism industry may require employees to be able to clock on via time clock from multiple locations, with this timesheet information able to be automatically sent to the cloud. Both industries have staff working unsupervised, but management would benefit from staff being made more accountable for their work hours.

What Time and Attendance Management Software is Recommended for Tourism and Transport?



  • Cloud-based software that can be easily accessed anywhere, at any time
  • Employees can use swipe cards, fingerprint clock, web clocking or phone apps
  • Data transfers live to your cloud time management application
  • Employees request time off via time clock or website
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Automatically calculates your time sheets ready for payroll
  • Unlimited clockings per day
  • Job Tracking & Sub-Job Tracking for client invoicing
  • Email notifications to alert late starts or early finishes
  • Exports to MYOB, Quickbooks, Attache, Paytek and more
  • Affordable plans for every size business
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime support

How Will a Time and Attendance Solution Benefit my Tourism or Transport Business?

  • Reduces administration and payroll hours, and therefore costs
  • Reduces labour costs by optimising the work hours of the existing workforce
  • Optimises workforce scheduling by aligning labour requirements with production demand
  • Streamlines operations
  • Optimises the efficiency of workforce scheduling
  • Avoids guesswork and costly mistakes
  • Increases payroll accuracy
  • Reduces the risk of time theft
  • Ensures labour compliance
  • Manages absences
  • Increases worker productivity

If you’re ready to start saving time and money and improving your workforce, contact our friendly Aussie Time Sheets team today to learn more about the right time and attendance solution for your tourism or transport business.

Here’s what some of our tourism and transport customers had to say about our Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance solutions:

“Very easy to use, great after sales assistance!”

Steve, TML Transport

“The system has taken the pressure out of rounding everyone up when it is time to go back to work. There is no confusion between their clock and mine, there is just one bell that everyone works to.”

Nicole Russo, Van Homes

“Great service! Ordered one day, received a phone call regarding set-up, received the next day. Great service, great product – would definitely recommend.”

Stacey Fane, GFR Industries