Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to Aussie Time Clocks Pty Ltd ABN 20 163 959 779 trading as “Aussie Time Sheets” and "uAttend Australia" of Unit 3, 652 David Low Way, Pacific Paradise, Queensland 4564 and Kiwi Time Sheets 6267616 NZBN9429046076892 c/- We Accounting & Business Services Limited, Suite 2, 571 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand (individually and collectively called ATS or We) and contains important information about the type of Personal Information ATS collects, the purposes for which it is used, how it is managed, to whom ATS discloses it and what measures ATS take to comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 (“Privacy Act”) and the Australian Privacy Principles and the New Zealand Privacy Principles (“Principles”) in respect of the ATS Websites, ATS’s products, the data collected and stored by ATS, the maintenance and support services provided by ATS (ATS products and services) and any information, data in any medium provided by You or any of Your employees or contractors (You/Your) to ATS.

This Privacy Policy is governed by the Privacy Act and Principles which legislation regulates the retention, management and privacy of Personal Information by businesses.  ATS is bound by the Privacy Act and Principles and is committed to protecting Your privacy and Personal Information when You deal with ATS.

ATS may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time for any reason. ATS will publish changes to this Privacy Policy on the ATS Websites being,, and and any and all ATS websites that are used by ATS in the future to which this Policy relates (ATS Websites).

It is important that You read and understand this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy appears on the ATS Websites and ATS will also provide a copy of this Privacy Policy to anyone who makes a request, free of charge.


If You do not accept this Privacy Policy, You must stop using the ATS Website, the ATS products or services and not provide ATS with any Personal Information.  Your continued use of these products and services deems Your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Privacy Policy which is binding on You at law.

What Personal Information does ATS collect?

Personal information

Personal Information means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information or opinion is true or not, and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not. 

The Personal Information ATS collects and stores may include:

  • name;
  • contact details (including mobile phone, telephone and email);
  • age;
  • gender;
  • delivery address;
  • credit card details;
  • credit information;
  • product order information;
  • previous or current products used in Your business;
  • financial details about Your business;
  • Your credit facilities;
  • Your financial record with third parties;
  • Your monthly or annual account details,
  • information including biometric data relating to Your employees or contractors;
  • date of birth, bank account, tax file number, passport and superannuation details of Your employees or contractors;
  • work history and times of Your employees or contractors; and
  • occupational history information,

and such other information which is relevant and necessary to provide products and deliver the ATS services to You or to comply with the law (Personal Information).

If ATS does not collect Personal Information, or if the information provided is incomplete or inaccurate, ATS may not be able to deliver products or provide its services, or our services may be compromised.  If you do not provide us with any credit information requested, ATS may refuse to provide you with credit.  (Please note that ATS is under no obligation to offer or provide credit.)

Collection of credit information

We may collect and hold the following credit information about You:

  • identification information- name, date of birth, current or previous address, driver’s licence number;
  • type and amount of credit sought;
  • trade references – name of entity, ABN, contact name, telephone number, fax number, email, years trading with you;
  • publicly available information about an individual’s creditworthiness;
  • default information;
  • new arrangement information;
  • court proceedings information;
  • personal insolvency information;
  • repayment history information;
  • payment information in relation to an overdue payment.

Your credit information may be collected in a number of ways, including:


  • directly by our staff when You seek, or enquire about, our products or services; or
  • when You complete a form such as an application for a credit account (if offered).

Why ATS collect Personal Information 

The purposes for which ATS will generally collect and use Your Personal Information include considering any application You make to us, providing products and delivering services to You, performing administrative functions, enhancing our products, services and the delivery of the services and telling You about our other products and services which may include those of our business partners and third party providers, which ATS believe may interest You. You may tell us at any time that You do not want us to advise You about other products and services (see Marketing below for more details).

ATS will:

  • only use Personal Information provided by You for the purposes for which it was collected or permitted by the Act and ATS will not disclose Your Personal Information to a third party without Your consent other than as provided in this Privacy Policy or if permitted by the Act;
  • implement reasonable security technology and policies, rules and measures to protect the Personal Information under ATS’s control against unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental loss; and
  • remove Personal Information from our systems where it is no longer required (except where archiving is required).

We may retain Personal Information for so long as it is required for our business purposes, for prevention of fraud, for insurance and governance purposes and in our IT back up.

We may disclose Personal Information to third parties who assist us to provide, manage and administer our goods and services.  Third parties to whom we may disclose your information include:

  • third parties that provide goods and services to us or through us;
  • our website host or software application providers;
  • other organisations listed as trade references in a credit application (if applicable);
  • people You provide as an employment referee (if applicable); and
  • third parties who provide goods or services that we believe may be of interest to You.

If You wish to view the Personal Information You have provided to us or, comment on or obtain further information about our Privacy Policy, please contact David Azzopardi by email: or by telephone number (07) 5450 5743.

Collection of Information

Some information provided to ATS by clients, customers, contractors and other third parties might be Personal Information. Without these details ATS would not be able to carry on our business and provide our services to You. ATS will only collect such Personal Information if it is necessary for one of our functions or activities.

Personal Information is collected by ATS when You:

  • establish or access an account for credit with ATS;
  • order and purchase ATS Products from us;
  • conduct certain types of transactions such as purchases or refunds;
  • submit Your e-mail address to our ATS Websites mailing list;
  • place an order with us or on our ATS Websites to purchase goods,
  • agree to be provided with the ATS support and maintenance services;
  • request ATS to customise Your ATS products or services;
  • request ATS to input Your data about Your employees or contractors Personal Information on Your behalf;
  • request ATS to integrate Your ATS products and services with a Third Party Product;
  • use the ATS products that collect and collate biometric data;
  • request ATS to provide storage of data facilities on Your behalf;
  • email us with Your Personal Information for the purposes of ATS’s use and storage of that Personal Information; and
  • request support and direct access by ATS to Your computer system to either provide support or maintenance of the ATS products or some other customisation or integration services.

We may also collect Personal Information about You from:

  • third party service providers and distributors;
  • third party sources including referees;
  • publicly available sources; and
  • using cookies and similar technologies.

Use of Information Collected and Disclosure of Personal Information to Others

ATS may use or disclose Personal Information held about You for the primary purpose for which it is collected, in accordance with this Privacy Policy or as permitted by the Privacy Act, and on provision of Your Personal Information to ATS, You consent to ATS:

  • collecting, storing and processing the Personal Information that You provide to ATS;
  • creating a database record about You;
  • conducting back up and storage security processes;
  • using Your Personal Information for any purpose relating to the improvement and development of the ATS products or services;
  • notifying You about changes to our services or product lines and specifications;
  • contacting You with information that ATS considers may be of interest to You (unless You have asked us not to);
  • utilising Your Personal Information for training purposes;
  • verifying Personal Information submitted by You;
  • utilising Personal Information submitted by You for internal statistical purposes;
  • using Your Personal Information for internal technical maintenance; and
  • collecting Your Personal Information for our own internal commercial purposes.

Your Personal Information will only be disclosed to persons outside the ATS business in the circumstances set out in this Privacy Policy or in accordance with the Privacy Act and Principles.  ATS will not otherwise make Your Personal Information available to any third parties.

There is no requirement for You to divulge Personal Information when You access the ATS Websites.  However, Your Personal Information will be required should You wish to take advantage of our ATS Websites features, online purchase of Products or using our services.

ATS is permitted to use or disclose Personal Information held about You where:

  • You have consented to the use or disclosure;
  • ATS reasonably believes that the use or disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious, immediate threat to someone's health or safety or public health or safety;
  • ATS reasonably suspects that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in and the use or disclosure is a necessary part of ATS’s investigation or in reporting the matter to the relevant authorities;
  • such use or disclosure is required under or authorised by law (for example, to comply with a subpoena, a warrant or other order of a court or legal process);
  • ATS reasonably believes that the use or disclosure is necessary for prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of crimes or wrongdoings or the preparation for, conduct of, proceedings before any court or tribunal or the implementation of the orders of a court or tribunal by or on behalf of an enforcement body.

Links on ATS Websites

If You decide to purchase additional products provided by any third party on the ATS Websites (Third Party Products), You will be provided with a link to the other third party provider (Third Party Provider) websites to continue with Your purchase options of the Third Party Products.  In purchasing the Third Party Products on the Third Party Provider websites, the Third Party Provider may collect Personal Information about You.  

Once You move to that Third Party Provider website, You no longer fall under this Privacy Policy and ATS is not responsible for the privacy practices of other businesses or the content of Third Party Provider websites that are linked to the ATS Websites.  When You click on a link, You will leave the ATS Websites and You will be bound by the policies and terms and conditions of the linked website.  You must read the privacy statements of each and every website to which You provide Your Personal Information and that collects Your Personal  Information.

Even if You request that ATS provide some integration services of Third Party Products with the ATS product or services that You have purchased from ATS, ATS has no responsibility for Your use of that Third Party Product or the manner, security and processes adopted by the Third Party Provider in relation to Your Personal Information.

Security and Storage

ATS places a great importance on the security of all information associated with our customers, clients and contractors. ATS have reasonable security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse, unauthorised access and alteration of Personal Information under ATS’s control.  Personal Information is de-identified or destroyed securely when no longer required by ATS.  ATS retains the information You provide to us including Your contact and credit card details (if any) to enable us to verify transactions and customer details and to retain adequate records for legal, accounting and reporting purposes. This information is held on secure servers in controlled facilities. Personal Information stored within our computer systems can only be accessed by those entrusted with authority and computer network password sanctions.  To view our Data Protection Policy and Information Sheet, click here.  However, You should be aware that no system is completely secure against cyber attack. 

Further, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100 percent secure. As a result, while ATS strives to protect and use all reasonable endeavours to protect Your Personal Information with our security measures that are in place, ATS accepts no responsibility for any unanticipated unauthorised access that occurs.

ATS does not warrant the security of any information transmitted to it, provided by You to ATS or from Your online access to its products or services and You do so at Your own risk.  Once ATS receives Your Personal Information, it makes every reasonable effort to ensure its security on its systems. Ultimately, You are solely responsible for keeping Your passwords and/or account information secret. You should be careful and responsible whenever You are online accessing the ATS Websites.

Marketing and Direct Marketing Opt-Out

From time to time, ATS may use the Personal Information we collect from You to let You know via mail, SMS, email, telephone or online about any news, special offers, products and services.  ATS will never sell your Personal Information to other companies.  However, ATS may provide your Personal Information to third parties so that they can provide You with information about their products and services in relation to which we believe that You might be interested.  Should you purchase products or services  from a Third Party Provider website, this Privacy Policy will not apply to those Third Party Providers.

If You do not want to receive any marketing offers from ATS, You can choose to opt out of ATS’s marketing activities. To opt out, you can either:

  • use the unsubscribe function from our emails, SMS, MMS or IM; or
  • contact us using the ATS contact details below.

Cookies and Security

Cookies are pieces of information that a website can transfer to an individual’s computer hard drive.  They are used by most websites to customise websites to suit a businesses’ needs.  Most internet browsers are pre-set to accept cookies but You can change Your preferences in Your browser if You do not want information collected through use of cookies.  You need to understand that disabling cookies might result in reduced ATS Websites functionality.

Government related identifiers

We do not use any government related identifiers, such as driver's licence or passport numbers, as our own internal identifier of any individual.  We will not use or disclose any government related identifiers other than in accordance with the Privacy Act.


Disclosure overseas


We are generally unlikely to disclose your personal information outside of Australia and New Zealand except if we ship products overseas, we will disclose personal information to the carrier.

You consent to any disclosure of your personal information by us overseas on the understanding that if the overseas recipient handles the personal information in breach of the Principles, the entity will not be accountable under the Act, and you will not be able to seek redress under the Act.  The overseas recipient may not be subject to privacy obligations or any principles similar to the Principles.  Individuals may not be able to seek redress in some overseas jurisdictions, and overseas recipients may be subject to a foreign law that could compel the disclosure of personal information to a third party such as an overseas authority.

We do not disclose any credit information collected in Australia to entities that do not have an Australian link.

Access to and Correction of Personal Information

ATS is committed to maintaining accurate, timely, relevant and appropriate information about its customers, clients and ATS Website users. If Your Personal Information changes, You should email ATS with the updated details of Your Personal Information to ensure accuracy at all times.

You are entitled to have access to and seek correction of any Personal Information (including credit information) that We may hold about you, subject to the grounds for refusal under the Privacy Act.  We prefer that requests for access to or to update or correct your credit information to be in writing outlining the details of your request.  Such requests should be addressed to our Privacy Officer via the details provided in this Privacy Policy in the Complaints section.

We do not impose any charge for requesting access to personal information however we may, at our discretion, impose a reasonable charge for giving access to cover staff and copying costs.

We do not impose any charges with respect to requests to update or correct Your personal information.

We will take appropriate steps to verify Your identity (or verify that you act as an authorised agent of the individual concerned) before granting access to your personal information.

We will respond to your request for access to Your personal information within a reasonable time after you make the request and if access is granted, access will be provided within 30 days from your request.  If we deny your request, we will provide you with a written notice detailing the reasons for the refusal and the process for making a complaint about the refusal to grant your request.

Where your request for access is accepted, we will provide you with access to your personal information in a manner, as requested by you, providing it is reasonable to do so.

Your request for correction will be dealt with within 30 days, or such longer period as agreed by You.  If we deny your request, we will provide you with a written notice detailing reasons for the refusal and the process for making a complaint about the refusal to grant your request.

We will accept your request for correction of your Personal Information where we are satisfied that it is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading.

Upon accepting a request for correction of your Personal Information, we will take all steps that are reasonable in the circumstances, having regard to the purpose for which your information is held, to correct your Personal Information.

If your request for correction of credit information is accepted we will provide written notice of this correction to any entity to which we have disclosed this information previously, to the extent that this is practicable.

If we refuse to correct your Personal Information you have the right to associate with the information a statement that the information is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading.  We will take such steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to associate that statement with all records we hold that contain the relevant information.


If You become aware of any ongoing concerns or problems with the use of the ATS Website, ATS will take these issues seriously and work to address these concerns.

If You have a complaint about our collection, use, handling, disclosure or disposal or destruction of Your Personal Information, or if you believe we have breached the Privacy Act or Principles, Your complaint should be directed in the first instance to ATS by email to David Azzopardi, Director of ATS at:  ATS will refer Your complaint to the ATS Privacy Officer who will investigate Your complaint and attempt to resolve any breach that might have occurred in relation to Your Personal Information. 

You may also lodge Your complaint by mail to Aussie Time Clocks Pty Ltd trading as “Aussie Time Sheets”, Shop 3, 652 David Low Way, Pacific Paradise, Queensland 4564 or should You wish to contact us by telephone, do so on (07) 1300 309 339 or by Facsimile No (07) 3054 6639.

Our Privacy Officer will consider your complaint and respond as soon as reasonably possible, but not more than 30 days from receiving the complaint.

If You are not satisfied with the outcome of this procedure then You may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney, New South Wales 2001 on telephone number 1300 363 992 or by email on

Changes to Privacy Policy

Your continued use of the ATS Website or the ATS products or services confirms that You acknowledge and agree to this Privacy Policy.  ATS reserves the right, at our discretion, to modify or remove portions of this Privacy Policy at any time.  ATS suggests that You bookmark this Privacy Policy and check it regularly for any updates.

Governing Law

This Privacy Policy is governed by the laws in force in the State of Queensland, Australia and You and ATS agree to comply at all times with these laws and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of Queensland, Australia.

Effect of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy does not create any rights or obligations that You can legally enforce against ATS beyond the rights and obligations provided under the Privacy Act and the Principles.

Updated as at 29 November 2022.