Proximity Card Clocks

Proximity clocks are employee time clocks that use a proximity card or tag to clock on/off for work. With guaranteed verification every time, proximity time clocks are very reliable. The future of swipe card time clocks, the proximity cards do not touch the clock at all meaning no moving parts or sensors to get dirty. When an employee leaves, the proximity card or tag simply gets handed in to be reassigned to another employee. Proximity time clocks link back to time sheet software to calculate time sheet hours, report on time and attendance and prepare work hours for payroll.

Awesome choice with a Proximity Card Time Clock for your business!  What type of software would you like?  

Windows time clock software.  Software to install to your local PC to calculate your time sheets and print reports.

Web time clock software.  Your timesheets are in the cloud!  No software to install, access from anywhere, anytime.