Time and Attendance Solutions for

Healthcare and Childcare

Simple Software Solutions

If you work in healthcare or childcare, you know your priority is the wellbeing of those you are looking after. You want to spend more time on these people and providing excellent care than you do on paperwork and managing employees, however it can be difficult to do this when timesheets and payroll are still managed manually.

Paper timesheets and manual rostering and payroll processes quickly amount to wasted administrative hours, unproductive workplaces and lost work hours. When an employee knows there is structure and systems in place to ensure they are paid fairly and accurately, they can concentrate on providing excellent care, so it is very important for businesses in the healthcare and childcare industries to ensure they efficiently manage their workforces.

At Aussie Time Sheets we aim to simplify and streamline your payroll process with simple software solutions to automate and manage employee timesheets, rostering and payroll quickly and efficiently.

What Time Clock is Recommended for
Healthcare and Childcare?

The time and attendance solution best suited for the healthcare industry is the Aussie Time Sheets Face Scan Time Clock.

  • Windows-based time and attendance system
  • Biometric clock options to ensure accurate shift times are recorded
  • Ability to create multiple shifts and assign shifts to employees. Employees are able to easily swap between shifts
  • Automatically calculating timesheets that can then export to payroll
  • Exports to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Attache, Paytek and more
  • 2 year warranty

What Time and Attendance Management Software is Recommended for Healthcare and Childcare?

Aussie Time Sheets Premier which includes the following features:

  • Multiple users – install the software to multiple PC’s
  • Employee web portal – gives employees the ability to login and clock on or off from anywhere, perfect for mobile healthcare workers. The street address of their location is attached to the clocking time and date for easy reporting
  • Employee time sheet approvals – managers or supervisors can approve multiple time sheets for a group or department
  • Direct payroll integration exports to MYOB, Xero, Wage Easy, Quickbooks and many more
  • Additional calculations to handle comprehensive award rates, including:
    - Accruals such as required day off, time in lieu and accrued time
    - Allowances such as first aid, meal or travel allowances
    - Loading rates such as casual shift loadings and leave loadings

How Will a Time and Attendance Solution Benefit my Business?

The benefits to implementing a time and attendance solution to your business are endless; from reduced administration and payroll hours and therefore costs, to streamlined operations to an increase in worker productivity. The healthcare industry in particular relies on adequate shift coverage and efficient workforce scheduling so absences are always managed, our Aussie Time Sheets software is the perfect solution for this.

If you would like to learn more about how a time and attendance solution can help your business, contact our friendly Aussie Time Sheets team today for an obligation fee quote.

Here’s what some of our healthcare customers have to say about our time and attendance solutions:

“Overall, a great product – in comparison to the old manual cards. Saves a lot of time in admin and reduces human errors. Certainly haven’t looked back since we purchased.”

Gareth Stead from Wintur Healthcare, South Windsor NSW

“We use the machine for basic timekeeping and have found it to be easy to use.
It makes the weekly time keeping for wages process much easier.”

Mandy Wroe from Kenwick Vet Hospital, Kenwick WA

 “Very helpful salespeople and support staff with a very cost-effective time and attendance
system which will no doubt pay from itself.”

Arthur from East Adelaide Dental

Best thing I ever did. Great service and great product. Thank you!!!”
Belinda Furlonger from Eagleton Ridge Respite Centre