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Aussie Time Sheets - Premier | Time and Attendance Software for SME



Aussie Time Sheets Premier makes managing larger teams easy, with our simple to use multi-user time and attendance application. Our software has been designed and developed right here in Australia for Aussie businesses. 



How does the software licencing work?

You can purchase a 12 month licence per time clock, this will give you our latest release software and ongoing updates and enhancements.

Or you can purchase a Lifetime licence per time clock, with no ongoing software fees.  You'll receive our latest software release, with nothing more to pay.  If you'd like to upgrade to the latest version down the track, this is available at a very affordable fee. 

The Aussie Time Sheets Premier software upgrade from the Basic version is a once off upgrade fee.

Our mobile clocking web portal is also included for free with Premier.  A self-hosted employee web portal is installed to your server, allowing approved employees to use their mobile device to clock on and off for work, with a GPS stamp of their location at the time.  For more information on our mobile clocking option please click here: ATS Mobile Clocking


How easy is it to install?

As a multi-user SME application, our experienced support team will install the system for you, or assist your IT Administrator if available.  The SQL database will be installed to a local or cloud Windows Server.  Client installations of Aussie Time Sheets Premier will all access the same shared data on your server.

Installation of the SQL database and client application usually takes 1-2hrs by our team.



What are the hardware requirements for Aussie Time Sheets Premier?


Windows Server 2008 R2 or above ( or Windows 7 Home PC or above if no server is available)

SQL Server/Express 2008 R2 or above

  • Processor
    • Intel - compatible processor with a minimum speed of 2 GHz or a faster processor
  • RAM
    • Minimum 1GB for SQL Server Express with Tools and 4 GB for Reporting Services
  • Hard Disk Space
    • 4.2 GB of Disk Space

Client PC's:

Windows 7 Home or higher

  • Processor
    • Intel/AMD - compatible processor with a minimum speed of 2 GHz or a faster processor
  • RAM
    • Minimum 4 GB 
  • Hard Disk Space
    • 2 GB of Disk Space


 PC or Laptop


How many staff members can use Aussie Time Sheets Basic software?

You can create an unlimited number of logins to our software, with different permissions to access certain teams or functions within the application.  Each user login can be defined to access certain Departments, Locations and various functions and abilities within the Aussie Time Sheets Premier time and attendance software.  All users can access the software con-currently.



How does the software get the clocking information from the time clock?

You have 2 options.  You can join your time clock to your network using WiFi or the included Ethernet data cable.  ATS can then download your clockings from your time clock automatically.  If joining your network isn't an option, then you can use the USB drive included with the system to transfer the data from your time clock to your Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance software.

Time data from clocks at remote sites can also be easily uploaded to Aussie Time Sheets Premier over a VPN, or using a Port Forward if the remote sites have a static external IP address and some simple rules configured in their modem router.

 WiFiEthernetUSB Drive


What calculations of time can Aussie Time Sheets Premier handle?

Aussie Time Sheets Premier software suits most small to medium sized businesses and can handle most time recording needs to cover most Awards and EBA's.  It can calculate up to 3 different rates per day per employee and it can handle both flexible and fixed shifts. Staff work is planned out on a default work schedule.

Staff can clock on and off at the clock for breaks, or our software can automatically deduct their unpaid breaks for you. 

Overtime can be calculated after a certain number of hours have been worked, or at a certain time of day.

Clocking times can be automatically rounded, or you can round the total work hours.

And you can add an unlimited number of leave codes and attribute leave to any day as well.

Aussie Time Sheets Premier can also calculate Loadings, such as Annual Leave Loading and Shift Loadings (eg Afternoon shift loading)

RDO's (TOIL, TIL, ADO) can also be calculated, earned and tracked within Aussie Time Sheets Premier, and then easily exported to popular payroll applications.



Once my time sheets are automatically calculated, how do I get that information into my payroll software?

 Simple reports can be produced to Excel or as PDF to view or print.  You can then key this fully calculated data into your payroll software.

Or, Aussie Time Sheets can create an export file that you can import into your payroll software, without the need to key in any data.  We integrate with all leading payroll providers in Australia, and we are adding new custom exports each month.  


What if I use a cloud payroll application, such as Xero?

Aussie Time Sheets have released a dedicated cloud payroll connector app, PaySync.  PaySync receives your completed time sheet and leave data from Aussie Time Sheets and pushes it via API to your cloud payroll software.  Easily connect your cloud payroll application to Aussie Time Sheets yourself in minutes.  For more information on PaySync have a look here:


And where can I get support if I need it?

 Our team, based in Australia, are right here to assist you.  We include 12 months support for free with every Aussie Time Sheets Basic system we sell.  And our team are contactable via Phone, Email or Web-Chat.  We've got you covered.


If you'd like to chat to one of our friendly sales team members about our Aussie Time Sheets Premier application please use the contact details below to reach out to us!