Mobile Clocking Solutions with ATS Premier

December 23, 2016

Have you ever wondered if your employees arrive on time for their shifts when you're not there? With ATS mobile clocking solutions, you don't have to wonder anymore. 

We are proud to introduce our mobile clocking option with the latest version of ATS software for on the road time clocking.

This new feature is accessible with our ATS Premier, allowing employees to clock in and out remotely from anywhere at your work site. The most unique feature of the mobile clocking solution is that it's self hosted, which means that Cloud subscription fees are not required.  

This solution combines a clocking in and out feature and location tracking  via your employees phone, allowing time tracking and employee accountability.  Employees simply view your Employee Web Portal on their smartphones, login and can clock on or off from anywhere that is connected by your server .  The street address of their location is attached to the clocking time for easy reporting.

With our time and attendance solutions you will get away from Excel spreadsheets, no-show employees, and countless hours spent manually calculating employee wages instead of working in your business.  And now your staff working remotely can use the same system as your in-house staff.

This feature, together with our ATS Premier, are available for a once off licence upgrade fee.


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