Tablet Wall Mount

We’ve teamed up with Boss-Tab to supply a secure universal tablet wall mount that doesn't require a case, clamps, brackets or cables. 

The Touch Nexus tablet stand is a perfect way to secure your Lenovo tablet to the wall so your employees can easily use your new employee time clock kiosk app. The wall mount will keep the tablet secure and in a fixed central location.

The wall mount allows you to display your tablet on an angle which makes it fast and easy for your employees when clocking in and out for work. The tablet wall mount can be screwed to a wall or desk. The cable can feed through the interior of the wall mount pole, the cable can then run either out the bottom of the mounting surface or above it.

We recommend using The Touch Nexus Tablet Stand which can be purchased to use with the time clock kiosk app. You can ensure your device is safe and secure.

Click below to purchase your tablet wall mount online today.