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Like any industry, mining has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to managing the workforce. These can include large workforces spread across 1,000’s of kilometres, complex shift patterns and rotations and varying overtime rules and travel allowances. Mining companies are always looking for ways to boost productivity, so being able to accurately manage efficiency, measure the capacity of your team and make calculated decisions on workforce priorities is extremely valuable.

This is where Aussie Time Sheets comes in; we offer simple software solutions that automate your payroll process through easy and effective time and attendance solutions designed to save you time and money.

Time & Attendance Software for Mining
Workforce Management & Onboarding for Mining Industry

What Businesses Will Benefit from a Time and Attendance Solution?

No matter how many employees you have or how many locations, if you have employees your business will benefit remarkably from a time and attendance management solution.

At Aussie Time Sheets we have the perfect solution to allow mining businesses to manage their workforce more efficiently, control costs and adhere to compliance laws.

What Time Clock is Recommended for Mining?

The time and attendance solution best suited for the mining industry is the Aussie Time Sheets Face Scan Time Clock. This Time Clock is ideal for mining as employees never need to touch the device, so damaged or dirty fingerprints aren’t an issue.


  • Windows-based time and attendance system
  • Takes under 1 second to clock on and off for work
  • Biometric clock options to ensure accurate shift times are recorded
  • Stores 1,500 face templates
  • External bell relay inbuilt, can be connected to a bell to signal work/break times
  • Ability to create multiple shifts and assign shifts to employees. Employees are able to easily swap between shifts
  • Automatically calculating timesheets that can then export to payroll
  • Exports to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Attache, Paytek and more
  • 2 year warranty
Mining Industry Time CLocks

What Time and Attendance Management Software is Recommended for Mining?

ATS Workforce TNA


  • Automatically record employee work hours through employee time clocks or an application and save it to a server or cloud hosted storage area
  • Off-site mobile clocking records the exact time and date. The GPS location is also recorded
  • Intuitive award interpretation gives you the power to calculate multiple allowance types per department or employee - never miss a late night shift rate
  • Integrations with payroll, accounting or HR software are readily available and are important for ensuring accuracy between programs, saving time and labour on payroll processes
  • Multiple-location function allows you to install and use the same system across all locations.
  • Direct payroll integration exports to MYOB, Xero, Wage Easy, Quickbooks and many more

How Will a Time and Attendance
Solution Benefit my Business?

  • Reduces administration and payroll hours, and therefore costs
  • Reduces labour costs by optimising the work hours of the existing workforce
  • Streamlines operations
  • Optimises the efficiency of workforce scheduling
  • Avoids guesswork and costly mistakes
  • Increases payroll accuracy
  • Reduces the risk of time theft
  • Ensures labour compliance
  • Manages absences
  • Increases worker productivity

If you don’t want to waste any more time or money on inefficient workforce management processes, contact our Aussie Time Sheets team today to discuss time and attendance management systems for your mining business.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say about our
Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance solutions:

“Although there are various products on the market, these things can be somewhat technical and daunting. I couldn’t recommend highly enough for the service they provide, both pre-sale prior to purchasing the product and determining if it is right for you, but surprisingly also post-sale, showing how to use it, testing it on our system with Team Viewer and facilitating that process. I vouch for the service that Aussie Time Sheets has provided and I can say we have been happily using their product now for 12 months.”

Henry Thay from Eagle Homes