Our Solutions

Bundy Clocks

The Bundy Clock is one of the easiest ways to automate and simplify your timesheets, perfect for smaller businesses who need a simple solution to improve accuracies in payroll.

Employees simply insert a weekly time card into the Bundy Clock, which prints the date and time accurately to the minute onto the card. There are six columns on the card which allows for the shift start and finish time, as well as lunch and tea breaks to be printed. The Bundy Clock can also easily connect to a bell externally if work or break times need to be signaled. The clock comes fully pre-programmed ready to plug and play when it arrives.

Windows Time and Attendance Systems

These systems combine either fingerprint or facial recognition software with Windows-based timesheets to easily and accurately track employees’ time and attendance.

The Windows based timesheets systems are best suited for businesses with up to 50 employees, who will be able to quickly, easily and accurately clock on and off for work. Depending on the software solution best for your business, employees simply look at the face scan screen or place their finger on the sensor, which automatically calculates the time and date. This timesheet data is then sent to the Windows software, calculated, and is ready to be exported to your payroll software. Our Windows based time and attendance systems integrate seamlessly with Xero Payroll, and can also export to all other leading payroll providers.

Cloud Employee Management System

If you’re employing up to 1,000 workers and require multi-user login from devices in multiple locations, our cloud-based employee timesheets solutions is the perfect system for your business.

Our cloud-based time and attendance solutions utilise either fingerprint or facial recognition to allow employees to clock on and off easily and accurately. Depending on which time clock is right for your business, employees will either place their fingerprint on the sensor or look at the face scan screen, and the time and date is automatically logged. These solutions integrate with timesheets in the cloud, which means that all this data is live, and you can log in at any time and see employee information in real time. There is no software to install or maintain and employers can access timesheets anywhere, anytime, perfect for employers who travel regularly. Our cloud-based time and attendance solutions also quickly and easily export approved timesheets to all leading payroll software providers.

Enterprise Time & Attendance Solutions

Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA is our new Aussie Time Sheets all-in-one time and attendance solution, perfect for businesses with 50 or more employees.

ATS Workforce TNA allows employers to automatically record their employees’ work hours through time clocks and saves this timesheet information to either a server or cloud-based storage area. Workforce TNA doesn’t only track employee attendance, it allows employers to schedule shifts, calculate multiple award rates and exports this data to your payroll software seamlessly. Workforce TNA also features off-site mobile clocking functionality, so remote workers are still able to have their exact time, date and GPS location logged. You and your employees will love the employee self-service portal, where employees can log in at any time and check their timesheets, hours they’ve worked, request leave and upload any documents that may be required.