Aussie Time Sheets Workforce Time & Attendance

Workforce TNA Enterprise Level Solution  

Workforce TNA is an all-in-one secure and flexible solution with a great price point that won’t blow the budget. Suitable for any size business with over 50 employees.

Fast, live data available on your PC, tablet or mobile web browser. Featuring powerful award interpretation, easy to use reporting and payroll integration, Workforce TNA makes managing your growing workforce easy. Workforce TNA is designed right here in Queensland for Aussie businesses. So you are always compliant with current employee timesheet legislation. We’ve made it easy for you and your employee to use.

Software Features include:

  • Record employee work hours through employee time clocks or an app

  • Store your data on a server or cloud hosted storage area

  • Award interpretation gives you the power to calculate multiple allowance

  • Live, Intuitive Dashboard - effortlessly manage your team effortlessly

  • Track Employee Leave Requests - keep on top of employee leave

  • Employee Scheduling - create and share live employee rosters
  • Cost Centre Tracking - track time spent on jobs, tasks or in departments
  • Includes Payroll Integration with 50+ leading payroll providers
  • 2-way Integration - seamless Integration with Xero, MYOB & Unipay

  • Easy to Use Employee Mobile App - features your team will love

Customer Testimonials

XL Express

Customer for over 4 years

Software provided by a solutions team with integrity and innovation at heart.

Very easy to use, simple, intuitive and straight-forward to train users.

Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA has reduced processing time, increased visibility and strengthened accountability whilst being stable, secure and just plain easy.


Haulaway Services Pty Ltd

Customer for over 3 years

Aussie Time Sheets opitimise the Aussie way of business.

The fingerprint timeclocking has saved our business thousands of dollars in stolen time. This was the catalyst to finding an alternative to time cards.

Being able to export a payroll file for processing in MYOB has reduced the weekly payrun by many hours, and with less errors.
Aussie Timesheets have, from day 1, been a great company to be associated with.

Pacific Belt Trading

Customer for over 3 years

Thank you so much to Aussie Time Sheets.

Aussie Time Sheets are always an open ear for our business needs and are constantly updating their software to make our business run smoother and more efficiently.

We were having real issues with ensuring each of our sites used the latest HR forms. Aussie Time Sheets created a Resources folder so all managers can have real time access to the latest forms and information such as the Employee Handbook.  


What is included with the Workforce TNA Software

  • Web-Based Enterprise Level Workforce Management Solution
  • Unlimited Software Users, 100 employee licence. Additonal employee licences available.
  • Live data between time clocks, employee app and Workforce TNA software
  • Payroll Integration with 50+ leading payroll providers
  • Access from any device with an internet connection
  • Employee self-service app My Workforce TNA avaialble on Android and Apple
  • Workforce TNA is installed to your business local or cloud server, or let us know if you'd like a quote for our cloud hosting option.

How it works

Workforce TNA cam be accessed from any web browser and collect employee time and attendance data ready for apyroll. Featuring powerful timesheet calcuations Workforce can calcuate complex award rates and industry agreements.

Employee time sheet data is transferred live and in seconds you can see who has clocked in, out and who is missing. Log into Workforce TNA from PC, tablet, Laptop, iPad or mobile and instantly connect to your workforce. Your employees attendance is accurately recorded & the daily and weekly worked hours are automatically calculated.

Employees can clock on and off using our range of time clock hardware, kiosk or mobile apps. The range of time clock devices include Proximity Card Clocks, Face Recognition Clocks, Fingerprint Clocks and/or apps and web browser clocking making it easy and more secure for employees to clock in and out.

Easy to Use Employee Mobile App

Employees can clock on and off from anywhere right from the My Workforce TNA app on their smartphone. The employees exact location is recorded. Times logged are cached when the app is out of range and upload when back online. Employees can request leave and choose from allowances right from the app and access leave balances.

Free to download from App Store or Google Play Store.

Track & Manage Employee Leave Request

ATS Workforce TNA will give you the power to keep on top of employee leave and requests. Managers can easily track employee leave requests and have the ability to approve and reject requests. Mangers receive notifications when a request is submitted and can view all requests on an employee leave calendar. Easily view pending leave request and action right from the dashboard. When time off requests are made, supervisors are notified through a dashboard display to review those requests in a timely manner.

Employee can request leave through My Workforce TNA app or from a browser. Employees are notified of the status of their request via email.

Direct Payroll Integration with 50+ providers

Integrations with payroll, accounting or Human Resources software are readily available. We work with some of the world’s leading payroll software companies integrating both systems to create automatic payroll processes.

Integrations include:

  • Payroll Integration via file export import with PayTek, QuickBooks, Sage, Reckon, PayPac, Attache PayPac Attache, WageEasy and many more
  • Direct API integration available with Xero, MYOB, Unipay, Micropay, and HR3, with more payroll system coming soon.

Not the payroll system you use, we can integrate with most systems just ask our friendly team.

Intuitive Dashboard

You will be able to manage your team effortlessly with Workforce TNA Live and Intuitive Dashboard. You will love the easy to interpret pie chart with a live showing who in, absent and on leave with a list of your employee names.

Get you data in real time from ATS Time Clocks, Employee Self Service Portal and My Workforce App. The Dashboard contains real-time data in multiple widgets which have different actions or information to help you manage your Workforce.


Monitor employee attendance data at multiple sites without having to be physically being on location. With easy access to live data you will know where employees are and the times they are working.

Easily view, modify and approves employee timesheets. View timesheets via employee or via department. Employee timesheets are easily edited and approves.


With a range of different reports avialable you will easily be able to report on the data required. Easily view, print and email reports.

Schedule Email Reports to automatically run on specified days and times. Assisting with payroll, HR and management for efficiency.  

Reports can highlight attendance issues e.g. regular late starters, excessive use of overtime and address them before they impact your business.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How many employee profiles can I have?

Unlimited, Workforce TNA is licensed per 100 employees profiles and technical support is priced per 100 employees.


What is my employee count increases?

Workforce TNA is priced per 100 employees. If you wish to increase your employee count and add more employees please write to or call 1300 309 339 and we will assist you with the purchase.

How many admin users can I have?

You can create an unlimited number of logins to access Workforce TNA. Managers and supervisors are setup with different permissions to access certain teams or functions within the application. Each user login can be defined to access certain Departments, Locations and various functions and abilities.

Where is the data stored?

The software will take data recorded through automated employee time clocks or an application and save it to a local or cloud hosted server.

What after sales support do you provide?

Our support team is available 8.30 am - 5 pm AEST Monday through Friday to assist you. Visit our Support Center to contact us or email

Can Workforce TNA calculate multiple ovetime rates?

Yes, Workforce TNA can calculate multiple overtime rates with daily overtime calculations available.

Can Workforce TNA calculate RDO's & TIL?

Yes, Workforce TNA can calculate multiple accruals. These accruals will be what is required by your employees enterprise bargaining agreement. Multiple accruals can be calculated including RDO's, TIL's, TOIL's and ADO's. The data is then easily exported to your payroll system ready to run payroll.

Can Workforce TNA calculate shift loading rates?

Yes, loadings can be tricky and it is important to thoroughly check with the employees' award or contract agreement. The most popular type of loading is a casual loading and annual leave loading. Click Here for more Information.