API Payroll Integration with PaySync

API Payroll Integration with PaySync

Direct API Integration with Xero, MYOB, Unipay, Access Micropay and HR3.

Let’s discuss how we can assist your business to use our API integration app with your payroll solution.

Paysync API Payroll Integration

API payroll integration saves you time and seamlessly syncs data to your payroll system. API Integration saves cost by reducing manual data entry work, increases efficiency by automating data transfer between systems, and will transform the way your employees work.

Your company can benefit from pre-developed APIs and made available to use by other cloud systems by integrating their API code with your Aussie Time Sheets software.

How Does PaySync Work

PaySync is an API connector application, giving you direct API integration with your payroll software. PaySync works with Xero, MYOB, Unipay, Access MicrOpay and HR3, with more payroll system coming soon.

Use PaySync to integrate your timesheet data from Aussie Time Sheets to your payroll application directly via API. Using the latest API coding, PaySync gives you the ability for 2-way integration with selected Aussie Time Sheets products. Check out the benefits of the two-way integration.

Two-way API Integration Features

We offer time and attendance solutions for businesses of every size.
Our software integrates via API with Xero, MYOB AR, MYOB Essential, Unipay, Access MicrOpay and HR3 with more coming soon.

Streamline your payroll process with the following features:

  • Approved timesheet data is exported on-demand to your payroll solution.

  • All pay-codes sync from your payroll system to Workforce TNA on initial integration.

  • Sync all new pay codes created in your payroll application with Workforce TNA on demand.

  • Create or change an employee's details in your payroll system will automatically sync to Aussie Time Sheets.

  • Terminated employees in your payroll system will auto-archive the employee in Aussie Time Sheets.

  • All administrators and managers have access to live clocking data with accurate clocking times.

Simplify & Streamline Payroll  

Sync Employee Details

 Employee details automatically sync between Payroll and Aussie Time Sheets, so you'll only ever need to update them in one place. 

Manage Leave

 Sync leave balances from payroll in Aussie Time Sheets. Track sick leave, unpaid leave, and view it all in our employee leave report. 

Export Timesheets

Export approved timesheet hours to Payroll. Send the hours, overtime, leave and pay codes for each employee seamlessly to payroll. 

Employee Payslips

Employees can access their payslips from the employee self-service app My Workforce TNA. Available on iPhone and Android.

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What is API Integration?  

The API enables streamlined end-to-end integrations between employee management systems and partnering payroll systems.

The main benefits of an API for a business are: 

  • Connect multiple payroll accounts, easily swapping between multiple companies
  • Receive email notifications of integration when processing
  • PaySync ensures integration with your payroll system is up to date
  • Integrate various systems to work seamlessly
  • Minimise data duplication
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Minimise data integrity issues

API Payroll Integrations  

API integration with Xero, MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Essential, Unipay, Access MicrOpay, and HR3.

More coming soon....