Aussie Time Sheets - Xero Integration

Send your data to Xero with 1 click

ATS & Xero Features

Simple Payroll

Easily send employee timesheets and employee leave for the right pay period. Track sick and annual leave and sync leave balances to ATS

API Integration

Automatically send timesheets to Xero with 1 click via API with PaySync by Aussie Time Sheets. Pay employees accurately

2 way Sync

Employee details are automatically synced between Xero and Aussie Time Sheets, so you'll only ever need to update them once

Xero & ATS Time Clocks

Aussie Time Sheets - Xero connected

No exporting, no importing - direct API integration to Xero Payroll with the click of a button. This allows employees’ fully calculated work hours to import as Approved Time Sheets.


Our API integration will send all Leave in Aussie Time Sheets to Xero as Approved Leave.


Aussie Time Sheets makes integration with Xero Payroll easy, using our official Xero Marketplace app, PaySync by Aussie Time Sheets.

ATS Works Perfectly With Xero

Step 1.

Approve Employee Timesheets and Leave in you ATS Software

Step 2.

Export to Xero via API with 1 click

Step 3.

Run your normal payroll process in Xero

What Our Customers Say

ATS Xero Connected

"I have been using the PaySync along with Aussie Time Sheets for a few months now and apart from a setup error, this has saved me so many hours each pay week. Being able to have it all done electronically with just a click, is brilliant. I have given this a 4 becasue we can always have improvements along the way."

Ann Walters - Horizon Laundry Services