Payroll Integration with Unipay Payroll

Unipay & Aussie Time Sheets Working Together  

We off direct payroll integration with Unipay to save you time and money, and provide real-time insight into business performance.  

Simplify Payroll

Employee time and attendance is simple with Workforce TNA sending timesheets directly to Unipay for payroll. Syncing Unipay with Aussie Time Sheets is effortless.

Data is exported automatically to Unipay payroll to make payroll more time effective and efficient. API integration with Workforce TNA to Unipay gives you the power of two-way integration, providing you more syncing abilities and features.

Two-way Integration Features

  • Approved timesheet data is exported on-demand to Unipay payroll.
  • All pay-codes sync from Unipay to Workforce TNA on initial integration.
  • Sync all new pay-codes created in Unipay with Workforce TNA on demand.
  • Create or change an employee's details in Unipay, and it automatically creates or updates the employee in Workforce TNA.
  • Terminated employees in Unipay payroll will auto-archive the employee in Workforce TNA.
  • All administrators and managers have access to live clocking data with accurate clocking times.
  • Reports are automated and can be automatically scheduled with the data required.

Employee Self Service Features

My Workforce TNA helps businesses of all sizes to track and record employee time and attendance easily. Take advantage of the additional employee self-service features that sync directly with Unipay. Free to download from App Store for Apple iPhone users or Google Play Store for Android users.

Have the peace of mind when paying your employee that they are getting the exact amount they are entitled to receive.

Two-way Integration Features with Unipay
  • Log Time from anywhere.
  • Employees can access current and previous timesheets.
  • Request any leave type and access up to date leave balances.
  • With Live updates, employees can quickly check the status of the leave request.
  • Employees will have access to their work schedule and department leave calendar.
  • Employees can access and view payslips imported directly from Unipay Payroll software.

At Aussie Time Sheets, we have time and attendance solutions for businesses of every size. Our software directly integrates with Unipay, streamlining your payroll process.  

About Unipay Australia  

Unipay Australia specialises in payroll management. Unipay can help provide a suitable payroll application to your business, small or large. With small companies that have ten employees or a large corporation with several thousand employees, Unipay has the right solutions to help you process payroll.

Unipay Australia is different to other payroll companies

  • Highly competitive in its pricing structure
  • Tailors every payroll installation to each client within any industry
  • Provides extensive training for your employees
  • Imports your current financial year data into the Unipay Payroll System
  • Offers 'over the phone' technical support through its knowledgeable support team

Frankston Toyota Case Study

We have been working with Unipay to implement our Enterprise level time and attendance systems in businesses across Australia.

We can improve your payroll process by producing entirely automated employee attendance record and timesheets for payroll. This will elevate payroll officers and HR staff having to spend hours each week, manually calculating and chasing up paper timesheets. An Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance system will increase productivity, saving your business time on payroll.

Find out in the case study below on how an Aussie Time Sheets solution has assisted Frankston Toyota to streamline and automate their payroll process. You will discover why the solution was needed, what system and hardware is implemented, and the results Frankston Toyota has experienced.

  • Business Requirements
  • Implementation of ATS  
  • The Results

Don't waste any more time or money; give us a call today to discuss the perfect time and attendance solution for your business.