Aussie Time Sheets offer simple and effective time and attendance solutions for businesses of any size.

ATS Basic

  • Local PC system
  • Up to 50 Employees
  • Manual sync of time clock data
  • Daily Time Sheet View
  • ATS Time Clocks & Kiosk App

ATS Premier

  • Install Locally or Cloud Hosted
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Live sync of time clock data
  • Multiple timesheet views
  • Timesheet Approvals
  • ATS Time Clocks & Kiosk App
  • Webpage & Mobile Clocking

ATS Workforce TNA

  • Install Locally or Cloud Hosted
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Live sync of time clock data
  • Multiple timesheet views
  • Timesheet & Leave Approvals
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Documents
  • Employee Self Service App
  • Leave Requests & Calendars
  • Cost Centre/Job Tracking
  • And more…

Range of Software & Time Clock Solutions available

Why Use Aussie Time Sheets and MicrOpay

Aussie Time Sheets offer time and attendance solutions to simplify and streamline your payroll processing. Using Aussie Time Sheets payroll integration with MicrOpay's payroll software, will save your business both time and money. Say goodbye to manual data entry, and say hello to Aussie Time Sheets and MicrOpay's payroll.


Seamlessly integrate timesheet information with payroll software

Save time and money on administration hours

No more data entry, eliminating the chance of miscalculations or errors

Aussie Time Sheets - MicrOpay connected

No exporting, no importing - direct API integration to MicrOpay Payroll with the click of a button. This allows employees’ fully calculated work hours to import as Approved Time Sheets.

Our API integration will send all Leave in Aussie Time Sheets to MicrOpay as Approved Leave.

Aussie Time Sheets makes integration with MicrOpay Payroll easy.

API Integration Features

Streamline your payroll process with the following features:

  • Approved timesheet data is exported on-demand to your payroll system.

  • All pay-codes sync from your payroll system on initial integration.

  • Automatically sync employees details when created or updated.

  • Terminated employees in your payroll system will auto-archive the employee.

  • All administrators and managers can access to live clocking data with accurate clocking times.

About Access MicrOpay  

Access MicrOpay processes over 2 million STP transactions each month, with 30% of Australian SMEs using MicrOpay software or services, including:

  • Automation of complex payroll processes.
  • Calculations with simplified workflows to set up and manage employee records quickly and efficiently.
  • Multiple options for capturing timesheet data.
  • Highly flexible pay dates for multiple groups of employees on the same pay frequency.
  • User-Defined leave functionality to accommodate your business’ specific requirements.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality, keyword searching, and customisable shortcut keys.
  • STP2 is currently in development for compliance event launch.