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Advantages of Aussie Time Sheets - Premier Version

February 27, 2017

The Advantages of ATS Premier of software is that:
1. It is accessible from any client PC and has been designed for more people to access the same data.
2. Beneficial for managers and supervisors as they are all able to access and login at the same time with any changes instantly taking effect, users can be given restricted access allowing particular users to view or edit, with all changes made being tracked on the Audit Report.
3. Users have access to attendance reports for who is onsite, and in an emergency situation the report can be viewed and quickly printed.
4. This version also gives you access to the mobile clocking web page, where employees are able to clock on and off remotely from their mobile device which records the date, time and street address of where the clocking was made. 
          The multi-user version, using SQL Server, requires a software download
             of about 1GB and about 1-2 hours to install and configure on the server.  
Take advantage of this with a once off payment & upgrade.

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