ATS Fingerprint Time Clock, Windows Time Sheet Software

Aussie Time Sheets Fingerprint Time Clocks reduce time theft by using biometrics to clock on for work and record data. Simply place your finger on the sensor, and your time will be accurately recorded. 

With the latest recognition technology, the SilkFP sensor works with wet, dry or cracked fingerprints and uses 'live detection'. Our fingerprint clock is more reliable and easier to use for your employees. The fingerprint time clock also has a proximity reader that can be used with a proximity card or tag as an alternative to using fingerprints.   

The device stores all the employee's details and time logs in its internal memory, then retrieved by your Aussie Time Sheets software, where it will be calculated and ready to report for payroll.  

We have the right time and attendance software solution for your business using this fingerprint time clock. Software licence options include ongoing software updates & enhancements or outright software licence purchase. See below to explore our software options.  


  • Easy-to-install time clock, just 4 screws
  • Connect to your local network for easy data transfer
  • Fast clocking, sign on in under 2 seconds
  • Choose how your staff clock, fingerprint, card or pin-code
  • Contactless clocking with proximity card or keytag  
  • Handle 1000’s of employees from the one time clock
  • Connect a bell to signal shift and break times
  • Extended warranty, 2 years replacement warranty
  • Local technical support, free for 12 months
  • Compatible with the Body Temperature Detection Device
  • Simple, easy to use time and attendance software
  • Easily upgrade your software to Premier or Workforce TNA

Aussie Time Sheets makes automating your employee time sheets a breeze. Our software has been designed and developed right here in Australia for Aussie businesses.

Automatically calculate your employee's work hours, break times, overtime and leave all on a simple to use electronic time sheet. Accurate start and finish times from your time clocks are automatically downloaded and calculated. Process your timesheets in minutes, then easily export to your payroll software. ATS Software exports to Excel, MYOB, Unipay, Wage Easy, Quickbooks, Attache and PayTek, with more payroll exports being added at no extra cost.

Accurate data, automatic shift calculations with payroll integration. Automate your sign on to payroll process with Aussie Time Sheets.

Recommended PC Specifications: CPU: Dual-Core 2Ghz or higher, RAM:8GB, HDD: 2GB free, OS: Win10 or higher

*Note: Windows 7 is no longer supported.

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Aussie Time Sheets - Premier

The benefit of ATS Premier version of software is that it is accessible from any client PC and has been designed for more people to access the same data. Additional calculations to handle more comprehensive award rates. Managers and supervisors are all able to access and login at the same time with any changes instantly taking effect, users can be given restricted access allowing particular users to view or edit, with all changes made being tracked on the Audit Report. Users have access to attendance reports for who is onsite, and in an emergency situation the report can be viewed and quickly printed. This version also gives you access to the mobile clocking web page, where employees are able to clock on and off remotely from their mobile device which records the date, time and street address of where the clocking was made. Click here for more information.


Aussie Time Sheets - Workforce TNA

Workforce TNA is our powerful Enterprise level web application, with no monthly cloud fees. Fast, live data available on your PC or mobile web browser. Featuring complex award interpretation, easy to use reporting and payroll integration, Workforce TNA makes managing your growing workforce easy. Employee self service portal makes managing leave requests and approvals paperless. Automate reports with Scheduled Email Reporting, and instant notifications of changes to your workforce. iPhone and Android app clocking, with additional self-service features coming soon. Click here for more information.

Mobile Clocking Employee Portal with ATS Premier

The mobile clocking employee portal is available with our ATS Premier (SQL Server version) and allows employees to clock in and out remotely from anywhere off site.

The most unique feature of the mobile clocking solution is that it's self hosted, which means that Cloud subscription fees are not required. This solution combines a clocking in and out feature and location tracking via your employees phone, allowing time tracking and employee accountability.

Employees simply view your Employee Web Portal on their smartphones, login and can clock on or off from anywhere. The street address of their location is attached to the clocking time for easy reporting. Now your staff working remotely can use the same system as your in-house staff.

This feature, together with our ATS Premier software, is perfect for industries with employees working on the road or remotely.

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Dedicated App Clocking with Workforce TNA

My Workforce TNA employee app is included with our Workforce TNA enterprise level software and allows employees to download the app a smartphone and have access to some great employee self service features.

Free to download from App Store for Apple iPhone users or Google Play Store for Android users.

Employees will have the ability to quickly and easily log their start and finish time, make notes against any time logged, view daily and weekly timesheets, request personal leave, upload documents to a leave request, access annual leave balances.

Employee times logged can be cached when the app has no network coverage that upload when they are back online.

New features available now - employees can access their work schedule and view their department or locations leave calendar.

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Make paying employee's fast & simple!

Aussie Time Sheets now integrates directly with your Xero payroll.

Pay Sync is an API connector application that works with our Aussie Time Sheets Basic, Premier and Workforce TNA solutions. Use PaySync to seamlessly integrate your timesheet data from Aussie Time Sheets to Xero Payroll, directly via API. Using Xero’s latest API coding, this application gives you the ability to connect Xero’s cloud payroll to our Aussie Time Sheets solutions. PaySync is an autorsied xero timesheet add on.

Aussie Time Sheets integrate directly with Xero making employee payroll fast and simple. Xero is one the most popular accounting applications in Australia. Our direct integrations allow fully calculated employee work hours to be sent to Xero as a draft or approved time sheets. All leave is sent from Aussie Time Sheets to Xero as approved or unapproved leave. Employees can then view their timesheets and leave using an employee Xero login, or using the Xero ME app.


This short video will show you how it works and how simple our solutions are to set up and use for you and your employees. Automate your employees time sheets and export the information to payroll from our easy to use and affordable time sheets solutions.

Aussie Time Sheets Basic software works with any ATS windows based time clock. Simply choose your device and your software license type and any additional accessories you would like and you are on your way.

Product Options

Choose Your Software Licence:

Our Annual Clock Licence lasts 12 months and includes software updates during this period, in 12 months time this licence will need to be renewed.

Self-Install and Setup means you can install and configure your software DIY. You are not left on your own, we include 12 months full tech support so we can assist you get up and running. Our optional support fee includes direct live chat, email, phone and a support forum.

Remote Installation & Training option is so one of our Customer Services reps can log into your PC, install your software, configure all your shift rules, add your employees etc and then train you how to use the whole system. We do all the work for you!

An External Industrial Bell can be wired into this time clock to ring for tea/lunch or shift times. Great for a warehouse or factory environment.

The lockable, perspex enclosure gives added protection for your time clock. If you have bulk dust, saw dust or worry about vandalism then this 4mm thick ABS enclosure can reduce the damage to your clock.

Pay Tek payroll software has been designed in Australia for Aussie business payroll. If you require a simple to use payroll system, that is a more affordable payroll option than MYOB, Quickbooks or Xero, then our PayTek software is for you.

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