Aussie Time Clock Kiosk - Employee Facial Recognition App

Aussie Time Clock Kiosk is smart and fast, making it easy for your employees to clock on and off for work. Download to an Android tablet, connect to your chosen software and start streamlining payroll. 100% Australian design and developed for Aussie businesses.

Aussie Time Clock Kiosk is perfect for any workplace, employee clock in and out using facial recognition or pin code. No Touch, contactless clocking is perfect for hygienic workplaces like healthcare, medical centers, hospitals and dental clinics. No touch devices are also great for any manufacturing workplaces that leave fingerprint worn or damaged.

Need to mount the device to the wall? Using the recommended tablet bracket, you can easily install your device to the wall in a team break room, office or entrance. Click on the Specifications tab for more information. Please note the tablet is not included.

Take a look at the Time Sheet Software tab for more information on the software.

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  • Time Sheet Software
  • Specifications
  • Installation & Training
  • Payroll Integration
  • How it Works


  • Connect to your Local Network to Quickly Transfer Data  
  • Capture Shift Start, Finish & Break Times   
  • In-App Facial Recognition Clocking  
  • Active Liveness Detection  
  • Web Application, Offline Clocking capabilities  
  • Download from the Google Play Store
  • 12 month App Licence, Renewed Every 12 months

Additional Time Clock Kiosk Features with Workforce TNA System

  • Employee Timesheet Approvals  
  • Employee Self Service Options  

Workforce TNA

Aussie Time Sheets - Workforce TNA  

  • Web-Based Enterprise Level Workforce Management Solution  
  • Unlimited Software Users  
  • 100 employee licence included  
  • Live data between Time Clocks, Application and Workforce TNA   
  • Access from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone with an internet connection  
  • Self-hosted IIS Web Application, no on-going monthly fees  
  • Timesheet, Clocking and Payroll Reports available  
  • Easy payroll integration  
  • Award Interpretation   
  • Employee Leave Requests   
  • Scheduled email reporting   
  • 2-way Integration with Xero  
  • 2-way integration with MYOB AccountRight Live & Essentials 

For more information: Click Here

Recommended Tablet Specifications

Recommended Wall Mount

The Freedom is a secure universal tablet stand that doesn't require a case, clamps, brackets or cables. A metal screw plate with a plastic cap.
Can be table and wall mounted.

Setup, Installation and Training Options

Self-Install and Setup means you can install and configure your software DIY. You are not left on your own, we offer 12 months full tech support so we can assist you get up and running. Our optional support fee includes direct live chat, email, phone and a support forum.

Remote Installation & Training option is so one of our Customer Services reps can log into your PC, install your software, configure all your shift rules, add your employees etc and then train you how to use the whole system. We do all the work for you!


How it Works   

At the start and end of each shift, employees approach a tablet which can either be wall-mounted or handheld where they can verify with facial recognition. Employees can accurately and reliably record their clock on or off for work in seconds. Facial recognition will eliminate ‘buddy punching’ and ‘time fraud’. The captured times flow directly into your Aussie Time Sheet software, automatically applying breaks, rounding and award calculations, ensuring employees get paid accurately.    

Employee Self-Service features   

Employees can access a range of additional features with Workforce TNA. 

  • Employees can quickly and easily view or approve timesheets 
  • Request annual and sick leave 
  • View work schedule  
  • View and edit personal details  

Admin & Manager Access  

  • Add new employees  
  • Edit an employee profile  
  • View all clocking's  

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