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Aussie Time Sheets & Attaché Working Together

Are you looking for smarter tools to run your business?

If you’re frustrated with your manual time sheets and want a simple solution to streamline your payroll process, Aussie Time Sheets and Attaché together have the perfect time and attendance and payroll solution for your business.

Why Use Aussie Time Sheets & Attaché 

Aussie Time Sheets direct integration with Attaché means:

Seamlessly integrate time sheet information with Attaché

Reduce the time and cost of managing your payroll

Improve payroll accuracy

Make better use of your employee data

At Aussie Time Sheets we have software options for businesses of all sizes.

All of our time and attendance solutions export to Attaché for simple, quick and accurate payroll processing.

Connect Aussie Time Sheets and Attaché

Exporting time sheet data from Aussie Time Sheets to Attaché is simple.

Once your time sheets are ready for payroll, they simply need to be exported from the Aussie Time Sheets software, where they are automatically formatted into the Attaché required template. The file is then exported to Attaché where it can be processed for payroll. The whole process only requiring a few clicks of a button!


Our Aussie Time Sheets team will walk you through your first timesheet export to Attaché, so you’re confident with the software from the word go.  

Aussie Time Sheets Employee Payroll Summary Report

About Attaché Payroll

Attaché is a practical and cost-effective accounting solution that delivers genuine business improvement.

    • All-in-one solution for medium businesses with turnover between $2-100 million
    • Suitable for 10-1000 staff
    • Fill reporting gaps, integrate specialist systems, connect your entire business
    • Improve financial reporting, sales and inventory flexibility
    • Single Touch Payroll enabled
    • Standalone payroll or accounts integration
    • 24 hour employee self service portal

Get Started Today

If you’d like to learn more about our time sheet integration with Attaché, contact our friendly team today. Our Aussie Time Sheets team will also personally walk you through your first payroll export from our software to Attaché, so you can be confident from the word go.

Have an Aussie Time Sheets system and want to integrate with Attaché- Contact Us Today!