Employee Time Clocks - Aussie Time Sheets

Employee Time Clocks have been around for over 100 years.  As a business management tool they are invaluable, creating accurate data and streamlining business processes.


What are employee time clocks?

An employee time clock is a device that will record an employee's work time.  The start and finish times for a shift and any applicable break times can be recorded.  What the time clock does with the time logged depends on the type of employee clock it is.  Old school Bundy Clocks print the work time on a time card.  New time clocks allow the time to be stored electronically in the clocks memory, ready to upload to windows time clock software or web time sheets.


What would an employee time clock do for my business?

Manual time sheets are prone to messy hand-written times.  An employee will never write the exact minute they turned up or left, rather they round their start and finish time as it suits them.  Paper timesheets are usually filled out at the end of the week, with employee's left to try and remember what happened.  So what will an employee time clock do?

  • Accurately record the employees start/finish and break times to the minute.
  • Have those times available neatly on a time card, or viewable in time sheet software
  • Automatically calculate the employees total work hours, factoring in rounding, tolerances, overtime rules and breaks.
  • Have the completed, calculated time sheets ready to report on for payroll.  And some systems can even integrate with your payroll to reduce errors in data entry of work time to payroll.


If you business has employees, you need an employee time clock system.  It will shortly pay for itself and there after make the job of processing payroll a lot easier.


Would you like to see the range of electronic employee time clocks we have?  You can view our Bundy Clocks or Time & Attendance Systems all online.


If you'd like to talk to one of our friendly team about what type of system would best suit your business, please give us a call on 1300 309 339.  We'd love to hear from you.