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A successful business and productive workforce relies on organisation and efficient practices. If your employees are still manually filling out a paper timesheet each week and you’ve found yourself frustrated with the time spent chasing up missing timesheets, trying to read illegible handwriting and manually calculating hours worked, it could be time to look at a time and attendance management solution for your business.

At Aussie Time Sheets we offer simple and reliable software solutions that can save your business thousands of dollars and hours of valuable admin time.

ATS Payroll Bundy Clock

Melbourne Bundy Clocks

A Bundy Clock is the simplest way to record your employees’ time and attendance quickly, easily and accurately. Implementing a Bundy Clock to your business will save you hours of precious admin time, improve accuracy and reduce payroll errors and reduce your payroll administration costs. At Aussie Time Sheets we deliver our Bundy Clocks to your Melbourne business fully pre-programmed and ready to go, so you can start saving time and money straight away. We pride ourselves on having the best Bundy Clock on the market due to its industrial quality, affordability and reliability.

Bundy Clocks

What kind of Melbourne businesses can benefit from a Bundy Clock?

It’s as simple as this, if you have employees, you need a Payroll Bundy Clock in your business. Whether you’re servicing Melbourne’s plumbing needs, running a wholesale business or own a local coffee shop, a Bundy Clock will simplify your timesheets and make processing payroll a much easier task, without any mistakes.

How do Bundy Clocks work?

Bundy Clocks allow employers to simply and reliably keep track of their employees’ work hours.

All employees need to do is insert a weekly time card into the top of the machine, which will print the date and time neatly onto the card. There are six columns on the time card to allow for the shift start and finish time, as well as morning tea and lunch breaks to be printed neatly and accurately onto the card.

The Bundy Clock can also connect to a bell or siren if the start and finish times of breaks need to be signaled.

If you need to record your employees time spent on various jobs, we also offer an ATS Job Clock.

Bundy Clock quote Melbourne

If you’d like to learn more about how a Bundy Clock can save your Melbourne business time and money, contact the Aussie Time Sheets team today. No matter the size of your business or what industry you operate in, you can join the growing number of Melbourne businesses who have discovered the difference a Bundy Clock can make to their payroll process.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say

Recommend for a Small Business

“We were very happy with the clock, delivery was swift and was set up in no time, would certainly recommend
for a small business.”


– Sharon Bastone


Working Well

“The clock and time sheets are working well for our application and with the bell set for lunch, smoko and finishing times the workers do not have to keep clock watching.


Heather Harding