Paypac Payroll Software - Payroll Integration with Aussie Time Sheets


PAYPAC Payroll Services


For 20 years Paypac Payroll Services have been a reliable organisation who care and support all their customers. Paypac is a windows based software program excellent for payroll.

If you’re using Paypac for payroll, Aussie Time Sheets is an affordable and efficient way to integrate your employee’s time sheets with Paypac’s software.

It’s easy to configure the integration as Aussie Time Sheets already has Paypac’s export format built in. Just choose the pay code names and employee’s payroll numbers in Aussie Time Sheets and match them with Paypac’s! With a click of a button, your data will be exported in just seconds.

With Aussie Time Sheets there will be no more data entry and miscalculations that can be caused manually as it is all done automatically! Your employee timesheets can be exported seamlessly for each pay period.

Aussie Time Sheets offer systems with Basic and Premier versions so integrate today with Aussie Time Sheets & Paypac.