ePayDay Payroll Software - Integration with Aussie Time Sheets

May 29, 2018

ePayDay Payroll Software - Integration with Aussie Time Sheets

e-PayDay payroll software is a comprehensive payroll Windows-based solution that can be run locally or from a cloud server.  Since 1986 e-PayDay has been providing payroll software solutions to more than 20,000 businesses.
If you use e-PayDay to care for your companies payroll, then Aussie Time Sheets as a very affordable way to streamline your data entry to your payroll, and integrate your time sheets to your payroll software.
Aussie Time Sheets has just released both the standard e-PayDay time export and the new FAST PAY export.
The standard e-PayDay time export will export your shift start and finish times for e-PayDay to then process the time calculations within its time and attendance module. If you prefer to use the e-PayDay FASTPAY option, then Aussie Time Sheets will calculate all your staff's work hours against all the required pay codes, and produce an e-PayDay FAST PAY file that e-PayDay will then import.
How easy is it to configure the integration? 

Aussie Time Sheets has the e-PayDay export format already built in and ready to select.  Simply make sure the pay code names and employee payroll numbers in Aussie Time Sheets match what e-PayDay has and you are ready to export!  Within seconds your data will be integrated into your payroll software with the click of a button. 

No more data entry, no room for miscalculations caused by manually adding up time sheets, and drastically reduce your clerical error rates.

Choose any of our Aussie Time Sheets systems with our Basic or Premier versions and integrate your timesheets with e-PayDay today. Shop here: Aussie Time Sheets

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