Basic or Professional Time and Attendance System - What does my business need?

February 04, 2014


The options available to purchase when it comes to time and attendance systems seems endless when browsing online.  There are a couple of things you can nut out before you start searching that might make your decision a bit easier.


You'll find that there are a lot of Basic time and attendance systems, and then there are Professional and Enterprise level time clock systems.  What are the key differences?


Basic Time and Attendance Systems:
- Calculate about 3 rates of pay.  Eg. Normal hours, Overtime 1.5 and Overtime 2.0

- Allow you to add basic leave

- Include basic rounding, deduction, break and shift rules.

- Usually single user application

- Basic reporting, or export to limited payroll software packages

- Usually best for under 25 employees, though would suit up to 50 employees


Professional Time and Attendance Software:

- Calculate multiple rates of pay.  Eg. Normal Hours, Overtime rates, Penalty rates, Shift Loadings, Allowances etc

- Comprehensive leave recording, by calendar, show availability, employee self-service to request leave and have it approved

- Advanced time calculations.  RDO accruals, TOIL, paid breaks

- ATS Premier, Multi-Site applications

- Rostering.  Some systems also have an in-built rostering module so rosters automatically flow to time sheets.

- Advanced reporting, custom exports and integration with most payroll software packages

- Usually best for over 50 employees, though sometimes businesses with small staff numbers have complex awards.


Aussie Time Sheets offer Basic Time and Attendance systems to purchase online, and our Focus Time & Attendance system offers both Professional and Enterprise level time and attendance.  


Not sure which would suit your business?  Give us a call and someone from our friendly team will talk through what your businesses requirements are and put forward some options for you, 1300 309 339.

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