Calculate multiple Allowances with Aussie Time Sheets Premier

June 29, 2018

ATS Calculate Multiple Allowances

In the previous blog we covered accruals of time and lastly, we will cover the final most popular timesheet calculation allowances. The majority of modern awards specify that a monetary allowance is applied to reimburse an employee for a number of different conditions or qualifications across many industries. An allowance is an amount paid to an employee in a specific circumstance, carrying out a particular work or having certain responsibilities.

Allowances are separately identified payments made to an employee for a number of reasons. These include: 

Working conditions - for example, dangerous heights or cold allowances

Qualifications or special duties - for example, first aid certificate or safety officer.

Expenses that can't be claimed as a tax deduction by the employee – for example, normal travel between home and work.

Work-related expenses that may be claimed as a tax deduction by the employee - for example, travel between work sites.

An example of an allowance might be a First Aid allowance rate where a certified employee is the First Aid Officer during a rostered shift. This means the employee is entitled to receive additional income in the form of an allowance based on the number of hours they have worked. Another example could be a real estate agent might be paid a weekly travel allowance to help cover the costs of transporting clients to see properties.

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