Flexible and Remote Working – How Does it Affect Time and Attendance Tracking?

January 13, 2020

Flexible and Remote Working – How Does it Affect Time and Attendance Tracking?

With the rise of tech empires, digital nomads and co-working spaces, flexible working is likely a buzz word you’ve heard a lot lately. Flexible working encompasses everything from shorter work weeks, reduced daily hours, job sharing to working from home, whether full-time or part of the week.

Employees can be looking for flexible work hours for a number of reasons; to cut down on commute time, for family or childcare commitments or to work within hours where they are the most efficient. But it’s not just employees who are benefiting from flexible work hours; there are many benefits to employers also. In fact, a study by Stanford University found that flexible workers are 13% more productive than their office co-workers, are 9% more engaged at work, take fewer breaks and sick days and report higher levels of job satisfaction. Offering flexible work hours helps attract top talent and improves employee retention, while also increasing the quantity and quality of work produced by employees.

If your business is one of the increasing number of companies who are embracing the benefits of flexible working, or you have employees who work on jobs off-site, you can still use an Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance solution for these employees. Our Employee Self Service web portal and My Workforce App allows approved employees to use their smartphone to clock on and off for their shift. The street address will also be logged with the clocking time, allowing complete time tracking and employee accountability.

The increasing demand for flexible working is unlikely to slow down anytime soon, particularly as the millennial generation continues to take over more of the workforce. If your company isn’t offering flexible working, you may begin to fall behind and lose employees. While it’s natural as an employer to be nervous about managing a remote or flexible workforce, with smart solutions like an Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance system you can be confident your employees are still working their required hours.

If you’d like to learn more about a time and attendance solution for your remote or flexible workers, contact our Aussie Time Sheets team today.

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