How to Choose the Right Time and Attendance Solution for Your Hospitality Business

August 13, 2019

How to Choose the Right Time and Attendance Solution for Your Hospitality Business

Any business owner in the hospitality industry will know how important efficiency, productive workforce's and adequate staffing is in order to run your business smoothly. This can become difficult however with manual timesheets, rostering and payroll processes; which quickly result in wasted administrative hours, gaps in staffing and unproductive employees.

Customer satisfaction is also of upmost importance to hospitality businesses, and employees play a very important role in this, so it is crucial to be managing employee time and attendance in order to run a successful business. It’s not only about making sure attendance is consistent; there are also other things to factor in, such as how many staff to schedule each day, balancing labour costs against revenue and easily managing overtime and leave.

Our time and attendance solutions for the hospitality industry make managing your staff timesheets a breeze, allowing you to take control of employee time and attendance and eliminate laborious payroll tasks, costly errors and time abuse. No matter what kind of hospitality business you own, at Aussie Time Sheets we can simplify and streamline your payroll process with smart software solutions that can save you precious time and money.

Hospitality Time Sheets

The hospitality industry has its own set of unique requirements for a time and attendance solution; you may have limited onsite office space, so timesheets and payroll are processed offsite, your staff may work unsupervised however as the business owner you would benefit from your employees being made more accountable for their time. You may wish to be email notified once an employee has clocked on, or you may have complex award and penalty rates that you want to ensure are never missed.

Hospitality Time Clock

The time and attendance solution best suited for the hospitality industry is UAttend. UAttend is a cloud-based software that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, perfect for hospitality businesses with multiple locations or who process payroll offsite. Employees clock on and off with either swipe cards, a fingerprint clock or web clocking or phone apps, and this information is automatically sent to your timesheet software. UAttend also features an employee self-service portal where staff can request time off and view hours worked.

Another time and attendance solution great for smaller hospitality businesses is our ATS Bundy Clock, a simple way to automate your manual timesheets. Employees simply need to insert a weekly time card into the top of the Bundy Clock at the start and end of their shift, and the time and date is neatly printed on the card. There are six columns which allow for start and end of day, as well as morning tea and lunch breaks.

Benefits of a Time and Attendance Solution For Hospitality

An Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance solution can help your hospitality business by reducing administration and payroll hours and costs, streamlining operations, ensuring adequate shift coverage, reducing time abuse, ensuring labour compliance, removing guesswork and costly mistakes, optimising workforce scheduling and increasing worker productivity.


If you’d like to learn more about a time and attendance solution for your hospitality business, contact the friendly Aussie Time Sheets team today.

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