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Uncover the secrets of Australia’s best workplaces…

November 10, 2016

The results are in for this years Best Places to Work in Australia.  And the winners were…

Top 5 employers (100+ employees

  1. Salesforce (IT/Software)
  2. Stryker (Healthcare/Medical Sales & Distribution)
  3. Atlassian (IT/Software)
  4. Mecca Brands (Retail)
  5. Adobe Systems (IT/Software)

Top 5 employers (less than 100 employers)

  1. Rackspace (IT Storage/Data Management)
  2. Wavelength International (Professional Services)
  3. 4mation Technologies (IT)
  4. Altis Consulting (IT)
  5. Zinc (Advertising & Marketing)

What makes a great workplace?

Data taken from the 50 'best places to work' showed:

  • 96% offered employees individual development plans
  • 64% offered unpaid career leave 
  • 64% offered education leave 
  • 44% offered work-related course subsidies
  • 58% offered an exchange program with international affiliates
  • 74% offered paid time off (not including holiday leave) for the purpose of volunteering in a community project or charitable organisation, with a maximum of 20 hours per year.  

The companies also offered an average of 124 hours of on the job training. 

What does work look like?

The traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday routine is practically a relic in the best workplaces. 

The new dynamic yielding the best employee performance consists of:

  • 55% flexible scheduling
  • 44% work from home or telecommuting
  • 20% compressed work week (e.g. work four 10-hour days and take Fridays off)
  • 22% of companies offer compressed work weeks during Summer
  • 4.6% job sharing 

Work-life balance is a hot button issue and job flexibility is the way to handle it.


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