ATS Onboarding & Unipay

Seamless Unipay

Have New Employees Ready on Day 1

Onboarding & Payroll

All information required for payroll automatically syncs to Unipay from ATS Onboarding. Easily create and collect new employee details before their first day and have new hires ready for work on day one.

Automate the onboarding process by digitally collecting and validating key employment details.

Onboarding Features

API transfer of data into employee records in Unipay Payroll

Provides new employees with documents you need them to read (workplace policies and procedures, including WHS)

Securely stores your electronic onboarding documentation in cloud storage

ATS Onboarding & Unipay Working together

Easily transfer the data the employee enters in HR Onboarding to the relevant fields of the Employee Masterfile in Unipay Payroll.

Setup your new employees in Unipay Payroll quicker and easier

Ensure data entered by employees is accurately captured exactly as the employee has entered it (no handwriting to decipher)

Digital employee documents, contracts and policies editable for data entry by the employee

Simfresh Testimonial

“Using ATS Onboarding has removed the need to manage staff through contractors – we now employ directly, because of how simple it is to manage. We Now Have a Paperless Employee Onboarding Solution”

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