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Connect Aussie Time Sheets & MYOB

Are you looking for a better way to do business? If you’re frustrated with your manual time sheets and are looking to simplify and streamline your payroll process, together with MYOB we have a perfect time and attendance solution for your business.

Why Use Aussie Time Sheets & MYOB

Seamlessly export time sheets to MYOB

Save time on administration hours

Improve payroll accuracy

At Aussie Time Sheets we have software options for businesses of all sizes.

All of our time and attendance solutions export to MYOB for simple, quick and accurate payroll processing.

Aussie Time Sheets & MYOB Working Together

Sending time sheet data from Aussie Time Sheets to MYOB is a breeze. Once time sheets are ready to be sent for payroll, they simply need to be exported as a CSV file and uploaded into your MYOB account to process payroll. Time sheets to payroll in seconds!


  • A break down of the number of hours worked against each pay code they are entitled to for each day.
  • An Employee Payroll Summary Report can also be exported in a csv or pdf report format.
  • Employees time sheets data has the total daily and weekly worked hours in the time sheets section of MYOB.

A sample of Aussie Time Sheets employee time sheet data in Workforce TNA ready to export to MYOB

About MYOB Payroll

MYOB is an online accounting software used by over a million Australian businesses for tax, payroll, super and more.

  • Extend and customise your MYOB software with various app and software integration options
  • Run your business on the go. Get your books done anytime, anywhere with online accounting
  • Get paid 4x faster with credit card and BPAY payment options directly from invoice
  • Options for businesses of every size, and products that scale with you
  • Get a real-time view of your cash flow
  • Flexible finance options

Get Started Today

If you’d like to learn more about our time sheet integration with MYOB, contact our friendly team today. Our Aussie Time Sheets team will also personally walk you through your first payroll export from our software to MYOB, so you can be confident from the word go.

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