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Employees can be an extremely valuable asset to your business, but have you ever found yourself frustrated with not knowing the true cost and return of your employees? If not managed effectively, employees can quickly draw on precious time, money and resources. At Aussie Time Sheets we offer simple software solutions that allow you to actively and accurately monitor your employees’ time and attendance, allowing you to manage your team more efficiently, measure what employees are capable of, easily spot any issues with productivity and make calculated decisions on workforce priorities.

How will a Time Clock benefit my Hobart business?

Manually processing timesheets and payroll can be extremely time-consuming; our time and attendance solutions automate these systems, saving your business significant time and money that can be better invested in your business.

An Aussie Time Sheets time clock will greatly reduce administrative hours, saving you precious time. Reduced payroll hours also means reduced payroll costs, saving your business money. A time clock can also save your business significant money by eliminating inaccuracies in time sheets as well as reducing employee tardiness, time theft and buddy punching. By eliminating manual calculations and processing, accuracy will also be greatly improved, which again saves time and money required to fix these errors, while also ensure employees don’t become disgruntled.

Which Time Clock is right for my Hobart business?

At Aussie Time Sheets we have reliable, effective and affordable time clocks suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our time clocks utilise either tag or card swiping, fingerprint recognition or face scan technology to allow employees to clock on and off quickly, easily and accurately, automatically recording the date and time as they interact with the time clock. This data is then stored in the time clock’s internal memory, being retrieved by the timesheet software, where it is calculated and reported for payroll. Our time clocks also automatically calculate break times, overtime, leave and any other entitlements, improving accuracy and greatly reducing the time required to fix payroll errors. Our Aussie Time Sheets time clocks also integrate with all leading payroll software, significantly reducing the time required for administration tasks.

Time Clock quote Hobart

We pride ourselves on offering a range of time clocks with an option to suit every business and budget, whether you’re a local Hobart small business or operating across Australia.

No matter the size of your business, the industry you operate in or what you’re looking for in a time clock, at Aussie Time Sheets we have the right time and attendance solution for your business. If you’d like to learn more about how our time clocks can save your Hobart business significant time and money, contact our friendly team today.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our time clocks:

“Mike helped to set up out new time clock and gave a quick tutorial. Really easy to use and has saved a lot of time completing payroll.”

– Forte Signs (Australia) Pty Ltd

“Aussie Time Sheets was a very easy online transaction. Would highly recommend them to anyone after a time clock solution.

– Skyworks Scaffolding Pty Ltd