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David Azzopardi

General Manager

Melissa Azzopardi

Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Peter Azzopardi

Project Manger

Ainsley Coomber

Sales & Marketing

Jesse Pelikan

Customer Service

Luke Kirwan

Customer Service

Nathan Orman

Customer Service

Lance Mercado

Customer Service

Shane Raisborough

Customer Service

Renier Erasmus


Emily Jones

Customer Service

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Nic Manchur

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Patrick Parker

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Our Bio


Aussie Time Clocks Pty Ltd, trading as Aussie Time Sheets, is a leading supplier of employee time and attendance solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 2012 we now have over 7000 customers. We are a team dedicated to providing reliable solutions for Aussie businesses of all sizes.

Our product range has been carefully chosen, and fully tested to ensure we offer quality products for Australian businesses. Unlike time clock and bundy clock products you'll find on ebay, and sadly from some of our competitors, we hold the *RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) compliance documents for every model we sell and every model displays the RCM compliance label. This means that our products meet Australian Standards for Electromagnetic Compatibility, ensuring your business isn't at risk with non compliant business equipment. Manufactured from leading international suppliers, most of our products have twice the warranty than that of our competitors.

We offer a simple and effective time and attendance systems for business of all sizes. If your business has employees, then you need a time and attendance system. But only the right system will save you both time and money. We work with some of the world’s leading payroll software companies integrating with our Aussie Time Sheets software to streamline your payroll process. Selling and servicing Australia-Wide, we have hundreds of our systems in every state and are saving Aussie businesses thousands a year off their business time and attendance processes.

What Our Clients Say


“Great Product, Easy to Use, Great Support.”

- Chris Denvir, Caddy Storage


“The fingerprint clocks/scanners from Aussie Timesheets have been a huge upgrade to our payroll process. We are saving in excess of 8hrs in manual work each fortnight processing 150+ individual pays. The system has saved us countless hours in pay by accurately keeping track of late starts and early outs and we are able to automatically report on tardiness which was all manual work before. The employees have taken to the system extremely well and we have sub 5 staff per 24hr period who forget to scan in or out. I could not fault the system and the amazing helpful staff at aussie time, bit shout out to David and Jesse! All the best, Tom”

- Tom Seelbach, ITS Management


“Units have been excellent and helped curb possible time theft from drivers.”

- Corey Smith, Kings Transport and Logistics


Although there is various projects on the market, these things can be somewhat technical and daunting. I couldn't recommend highly enough for the service they provide both pre-sale prior to purchasing the product and determining if it is right for you, but surprisingly post sales, and showing how to use it, and then testing it on our system with team viewer and actually facilitating that. I vouch for the service that Aussie Time Sheet has provided and I can say we have been happily using their product now for a 12 months. Thanks.”

- Henry, Eagle Homes


“Very happy with product and excellent technical support will be purchasing another unit today and two more later this month for the rest of our establishments.”

- Nick Xippas, Eurobay Cafe Bar


“The machine works like a charm, very user friendly. Staff and support are attentive and knowledgeable of the products. There was barely any teething problems, implementation was almost seamless. There is easy accessibility to user guides and instructions before & after purchase which was a huge plus.”

- Belinda, Enduraclad International