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Are you tired of losing money on timesheet miscalculations, or of paying your employees for the hours they didn’t work due to tardiness or time theft? If you’ve ever wondered if there was a better way to handle your manual timesheets and manage employee attendance, we have the perfect solution for your business.

At Aussie Time Sheets we offer simple time clock solutions designed to work for your business, saving you time, money and precious resources by replacing your manual timesheet and payroll processes with automated software. We have time clocks for businesses of all sizes, no matter the industry.

How will a Time Clock benefit my business?

  • Save precious time: A time clock will reduce administrative hours spent on manual payroll by automating your systems.
  • Save money: A time clock can save your business thousands of dollars; in reduced payroll and administrative hours, reduced inaccuracies in timesheets and eliminating time theft and buddy punching.
  • Improves timesheet accuracy and reduces errors: By reducing the risk of any inaccuracies in timesheets, employees are always paid correctly. This also reduces the risk of disgruntled employees, as well as saving the employer from needing to fix costly mistakes.

Which Time Clock is right for my Melbourne business?

Our time clocks utilise either swipe cards, facial or fingerprint recognition to allow employees to quickly, easily and accurately clock on and off for work. The time clocks automatically store this information, which is then able to be uploaded to your timesheet software and easily exported to your chosen payroll system. The software automatically calculates employee work hours, break times, overtime, accrued leave and relevant awards, so you can always be confident your employees are being paid correctly. Our time clocks integrate with all of the major payroll software systems, making your payroll process even easier.

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“Amazing company from A to Z, clear, honest service and product. The technical support is also excellent!, thanks Nathan!!”

– The Great Ozzy Bakehouse

“Thanks for the prompt delivery of our time clock. It is working great and easy for the boys to use.

– Skyworks Scaffolding Pty Ltd