Time and Attendance Solutions for

Perth Businesses

Aussie Time Sheets are Perth’s leading provider of time and attendance solutions

As business owners, we are all looking for ways to get more out of every hour in the day. Employees can be an incredibly valuable asset to a business, but if managed incorrectly or inefficiently can very quickly draw on time, money and resources. At Aussie Time Sheets, we offer simple and effective software solutions to help businesses increase their efficiency and output and produce better results with less management.

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with manual timesheets and payroll processes or wished there was a better way to manage your employees’ attendance and productivity, a time and attendance system is the solution you’ve been looking for. Our Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance solutions are designed to work for your business, saving you time and money by automating your payroll processes.

Time Clocks available for Perth businesses

Our Aussie Time Sheets Windows based time and attendance systems use either RFID Proximity card, fingerprint or facial recognition time clock to easily and accurately track employee time and attendance. These systems are perfect for businesses with up to 100 employees who are looking for a solution to allow staff to quickly, easily and accurately clock on and off for work.

The device stores this data and sends it directly to the Windows software, which calculates it, so it is ready to be exported to your payroll software.

  • Takes under 2 seconds to clock on and off for work
  • Time Clocks can be connected to a bell to signal work/break times
  • Automatically calculating timesheets that can then export to payroll
  • Exports to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Attache, Paytek and more
  • 2 year warranty

How Does a Time and Attendance Solution Work?

At Aussie Time Sheets we offer a number of different time and attendance solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes. Our time and attendance management systems allow employers to actively and accurately monitor their staff’s time and attendance. Which means they can also;

  • Manage efficiency and measure what their team is capable of
  • Quickly and easily spot any issues with productivity
  • Make calculated decisions on workforce priorities

See Our Range of Software Packages available below.

How Will a Time and Attendance Solution
Benefit my Perth Business?

At Aussie Time Sheets we offer simple software solutions to automate your timesheets and payroll, with time and attendance systems for businesses of every size and industry.

  • Automatically calculate your employee's work hours, break times, overtime and leave all on a simple to use electronic time sheet

  • Process your timesheets in minutes, then easily export to your payroll software

  • ATS Software exports to Excel, MYOB, Unipay, Wage Easy, Quickbooks, Attache and PayTek, with more payroll exports being added at no extra cost

  • Direct API Integration with Xero using Paysync

Our Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance solutions are designed to work for your business, saving you time and money. If you’d like to learn more about which solution is right for your business, contact our friendly team today.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say about our Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance solutions:

Time Clock finally works without any hiccups. The online help is excellent and I would recommend the system on that basis alone. I have recommended the system to other businesses when asked what we do for time keeping and stressed that a dedicated computer is necessary to get the best out of the system. My staff of 20 have finally come to trust the system and not argue with the timekeeping record and my bookeeper finds it very easy to use when doing wages. A recent visit by the ATO proved the worth of the system as they were very impressed with the accurate record keeping of shifts for staff.”  

Wayne Pavy Galangal Thai Restaurant