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Are you sick of your manual time sheet system?

Do you wish you could automate your payroll processes, have up to date records of employee time sheets and automatically generate overtime, sick leave, public holidays and annual leave?

What if we told you that you could save thousands of dollars and hours of valuable time with a simple software solution?

Time and Attendance Sunshine Coast

No matter the size of your business, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. At Aussie Time Sheets we aim to simplify and streamline your payroll process, by offering easy and effective time and attendance systems for business of all sizes and in all industries. Whether you are running a bustling restaurant on Mooloolaba esplanade, operating a car dealership in Noosa or building a tech empire to the backdrop of the Sunshine Coast’s beautiful beaches, if you have employees your business will benefit from a time and attendance system.

Complete Time and Attendance Solutions

At Aussie Time Sheets we don’t just offer a simple software solution, we offer complete end to end service to ensure you’re set up quickly and easily and saving time and money, sooner. Our time and attendance solutions automate your manual time sheet process and seamlessly integrate with your payroll system, allowing you to:

• Save time and therefore reduce your cost of payroll administration functions;
• Improve accuracy and reduce errors – again saving time in fixing them;
• Have accurate intel on the cost and return of your employees

Time and Attendance Solutions available for Sunshine Coast Businesses

Windows Time and Attendance

  • Designed to be installed to a single PC (Multi-user version also available)

  • Employees simply log their time using an ATS Windows Time Clock to accurately record their work hours

  • Clocking data is then sent to your windows time clock software, where it will be calculated and ready to report for payroll

  • 100% Australian Designed, Developed and Supported

  • Integrates directly with Xero and exports to MYOB, Unipay, Wage Easy, Quickbooks, Attache, PayTek and many more

Cloud Employee Management System

  • No software to install
  • Access the data from anywhere at anytime from any device
  • Real-time data from the time clock device and smartphone application
  • Instantly access your employee time sheets
  • Handles any number of employees
  • Great if you have multiple locations
  • View and manage real-time, time and attendance data 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Easily exports your approved time sheets to your payroll software, Quickbooks, MYOB, Attache, KeyPay, and Cloud Payroll

Workforce Time and Attendance

  • Suitable for any size business with over 50 employees.
  • Automatically record employee work hours through employee time clocks
  • Off-site mobile clocking records the exact time, date and GPS location
  • Intuitive award interpretation gives you the power to calculate multiple allowance types per department or employee
  • Integrations with payroll, accounting or HR software are readily available
  • Multiple-location function allows you to install and use the same system across all locations

Time and Attendance quote Sunshine Coast

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We think you’ll enjoy our competitive prices and the standard of excellence we apply to every job—small or big. You can join a growing list of Sunshine Coast businesses who have discovered the huge difference that an Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance solution can make to their lifestyle and business.

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Here’s what some of our customers have to say

“Aussie Timesheets do customer service better than any company I have ever dealt with.

Very, very good product!” – Roy Turner

“Training was fantastic. Support was fantastic, did I mention fantastic?”

Structural Concrete Industries

“We installed a finger printer scanner prior to Christmas and have been using Aussie Time Sheets software. From beginning to end the service has been fantastic. They helped us with the set-up to ensure time clock was meeting our needs. Couldn't be happier. Would recommend to anyone looking for a time and attendance solution.” – Kylie Jewell