Time and Attendance Solutions for

Working From Home

Needing to manage staff from home?

Aussie Time Sheets have made this easier for you.

Health and safety is at the front of everyone’s minds right now and workers are being encouraged to work from home. Maintaining Social distancing measures is now easier than ever and it may even pave a new way for you to manage your employees.

Aussie Time Sheets has everything your business needs to track your employees attendance from afar 

  • Easily manage payroll from anywhere
  • Track time and attendance with or range of software and apps
  • Easily manage leave loadings; sick leave, annual leave and more 
  • Seamless integration with leading accounting software like Xero, MYOB and more. 
  • Online and Offline Apps mean no disruptions and easy time and task tracking.

Our Systems Work For You.

With the right systems in place, working from home can not only be easier it may also be a boon to your business. Tracking your staff’s time and attendance is all made easier with Aussie Time Sheets and a range of software options that fully integrate with your payroll software.

Our software also manages loadings, leave and way more so you can do your payroll duties in a fraction of the time with minimum hassle.

Aussie Time Sheets can help you to manage your team’s time attendance using our state of the art software and apps that function on and offline. Browse below for an option that suits your business.

Time and attendance can still be recorded through web browsers and mobile apps - From Anywhere.

Keen to learn more?  

  • App clocking for employees working remotely Click Here
  • Web browser clocking for employees working from home Click Here 
  • Cloud based App clocking for employees working remotely Click Here

Get ready to manage your staff from home, with these quick tips.

#1 - Track Time & Attendance, the right way

If you employ remote workers and they are required to work set hours, a time and attendance system will be beneficial. Time tracking is not just crucial for productivity, but also for payroll and ensuring employees are paid correctly for their time. There are different types of time tracking software available. You may choose to implement an employee self-service system, where the employee can log their start and finish time in their web browser. Alternatively, employee apps are top-rated and are essential for managing employees who work from home or on the road. Mobile Time and Attendance software can offer a ‘log in and out’ feature and allow employees to record time on the go and manage holiday requests from their mobile.


#2 Implement digital tools & technology

Got a web camera, computer at home and stable internet? Great, you’re on your way!

There are a plethora of online tools that make working from home easier and more productive. Aside from great attendance and time tracking software available from yours truly, there are also a number of communication tools that will help the lines of communication to stay open and ensure that work can continue. Need a video conference or to host an online meeting? Head to programs like Google hangouts, Skype or Zoom. Looking to keep the lines of communication open between employees? Chat software that like slack and Facebook for work can ensure your workplace is able to run seamlessly despite what’s happening outside.

#3 - Make working remotely or from home easy

This one is more of a cultural practice but working from home is hardly a new concept. The chances are pretty good that if you’re in an industry that can work from home, you already have. Daily phone catch ups, redirecting phone calls and emailing are all options that have become something of a staple across Australia. Now’s a good time to push the envelope further and get staff ready to work from home for longer.