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uAttend BN6500 Time Clock, Cloud Time Sheets

          • The uAttend BN6500 makes time and attendance simple and smart, with a fingerprint time clock combined with time sheets in the cloud. Employees place their fingerprint on the sensor and their time is instantly sent to your cloud time sheets, all data is live. A truly plug'n'play time clock, no networking knowledge required.

            Easily connect multiple clocks to the same web account. Access your time sheets from any device on the internet, no software to install or maintain.  Monthly fees shown above include active employees and up to 2 active time clocks.

            Easily export your approved time sheets to your payroll software, Quickbooks, MYOB, Attache, KeyPay, and Cloud Payroll!

Reviews for uAttend BN6500 Time Clock, Cloud Time Sheets
4.4 out of 5, based on 16 reviews
Brian Grosvenor from Suzistore Pty Ltd - Midland WA on Mar 30, 2016
No problems at all so far, great service
Ellie from MotorActive - Holker Street NSW on Mar 30, 2016
The fingerprint timeclock is perfect for our company, the uattend system works fantastically and all staff are now accountable for their attendance.
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