Frankston Toyota - Motor Dealership

December 31, 2014

Frankston Toyota - Motor Dealership

by David Azzopardi


Frankston Toyota is Toyota's most awarded dealer and has been providing Melbourne with a variety of Toyota and Volkswagen models for years. As a successful dealer of new and used cars, Frankston Toyota manages employees on multiple sites.  How was Aussie Time Sheets able to assist Frankston Toyota in upgrading their system? Why was an upgrade needed?  What time clock systems did Frankston Toyota opt for?

The Issues

Before upgrading, the staff at Frankston Toyota were using a manual time sheet system. This means that employee hour records were all prepared by the office staff. Managers did not have live, up to date, onsite records of employee timesheets and details.  Employee timesheet approval was not electronic, hence taking up manager’s time. Also leave requests and approvals were all on paper and payroll input was all done manually. It's clear that this kind of manual system takes up the valuable time, not only of managers but also employees.  How did Aussie Time Sheets help to simplify this system?

The Solution

Frankston Toyota opted for state of the art, Biometric Face Scan Time Clocks with Focus Enterprise multi-user time and attendance software. Focus Workflow automated reporting software and a Focus 5 web-based employee self-service portal where employees can log on and check the status of their pay and leave requests.

How did Aussie Time Sheets go about implementing this advanced system?  First, software was pre-installed and the database was configured according to the unique requirements of the client. Then, Face Scan Time Clocks were installed in 9 different locations throughout the city of Melbourne. After installation, onsite commissioning of the Focus software and Time clock hardware proceeded. Finally, expert training was provided for IT administrators, managers, finance and payroll officers.  This valuable training helps to educate staff on how to use this new technology so that all feel at ease and the transition is as smooth as possible.

The Result

How has Frankston Toyota benefited from this upgrade? With this new system it is now possible for every manager to have access to live, up to date clocking data with accuracy of clocking times guaranteed. Reports are automated and emails with required data are timed by using custom widgets. Employee’s timesheets are electronically calculated and approved then all relevant, approved data is exported automatically to Unipay payroll to make payroll more time effective and efficient.  Employees have a web portal where they can log in and view key data, request leave and have it approved all electronically.

As our valued client, Frankston Toyota is still benefitting from our premium customer service. They are provided with constant personalized support from our team of professionals via email, phone or our dedicated Focus support portal. (

Find out how your business can receive similar benefits and support by contacting our friendly staff.

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