How to Control Employee Overtime

May 15, 2019

How to Control Employee Overtime

When you’re a business owner there are hundreds of small tasks and considerations that need attending to everyday, so it’s easy to let some fall by the wayside amongst the busyness of each day. While something like 10 minutes of employee overtime might not seem significant and worth noting, when these minutes or hours accumulate over long periods of time, they are extremely costly to your business.

Tracking employee overtime is a challenging task that can quickly significantly affect your bottom line if it’s not managed well. Particularly if your business is using manual timesheet methods such as spreadsheets or paper, you could also be making errors that are costly in both payroll and the time required to fix, as well as being damaging to employee morale. No matter the size of your business, it’s likely that the greatest drain on your company’s expenses is payroll, and the greatest drain on payroll is unauthorized employee overtime.

There are a number of ways that your business may be losing money due to unauthorized overtime. Some employees tend to stay late in the workplace without actually working during that time; forcing your business to pay the employee for the hours spent in the office. Similarly, employees may be clocking in early to accumulate more work hours, with this unauthorized overtime translating into a huge expenditure for businesses every year.  

A time and attendance system is the most efficient way to control employee overtime and avoid any negative and costly surprises. Aussie Time Sheets time clocks are able to easily and accurately track your employee work hours to the minute and handle your overtime recording needs, giving you a big picture look into how your employees’ time is being spent and allocated. This can also give you valuable insight into staffing needs; if employees are consistently clocking overtime you may need to look at hiring additional part-time or full-time staff, rather than expecting your employees to burden the extra workload.

Our Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance systems allow you to easily keep overtime costs in check by configuring overtime policies by day, week or time, and applying overtime policies to individual employees or shifts. The time clocks are also able to be configured to prevent employees from clocking on before a certain time, with similar clock out restrictions.

Employee time sheet software is an easy, reliable and efficient solution for eliminating unnecessary employee overtime, saving your business significant money. Contact the friendly Aussie Time Sheets team today to discuss the best time and attendance solution to control employee overtime in your business.

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