My Workforce TNA - Apple Employee App

October 17, 2019

My Workforce TNA - Apple Employee App

Workforce TNA - Apple IOS Employee App

Aussie Time Sheets is proud to announce the first version of our dedicated Apple App has been released and is ready to download from the App Store on any Apple device. My Workforce TNA is completely FREE to download to an IOS Apple device. You will feel more connected to your team and have data at your fingertips. Your employees will love the self-service features they will now have access to. 


We have designed a seamless timesheet app to help businesses of all sizes to easily track and record employee time and attendance. Producing accurate timesheets and reducing manual calculations and payroll errors. Saving your business time and money on employee payroll.  


Hold employees accountable for their work hours and record allowances and loading rates. Have the peace of mind when paying your employee that they are getting the exact amount they are entitled to.


The app works with the ATS Workforce TNA software and allows employees to quickly and easily log their start and finish time, make notes against any clockings, view daily and weekly timesheets, request personal leave, upload documents to a leave request, access annual leave balances, with more self-service features being released coming soon.

Features Include:

Employees can quickly and easily log their time 

  • Log time from anywhere on the road or in the office  
  • Recording the exact location of where they have logged in or out from 
My Workforce TNA Home Page    My Workforce TNA Log Time

    No internet or WiFi, No worries!  

    • Employees can log their time while they are offline   
    • Saves and stores times logged  
    • Automatically sends the times when your back online 


      Live & Up to date access to My Timesheets and Schedules

      With live updates you will know exactly when your employee arrives and leave work, you can see who is in, out and absent at a glance.

      • Employees can access their timesheet for any pay period 
      • Access total exact start and finish times and allowances 
      • Access to the total amount of hours per day
      • Live access to employee rosters and work schedules 
      My Workforce TNA ESS Approve Timesheets   My Workforce TNA Live Work Schedules

         Employee Leave Requests 

        • Employees can access My Leave Requests and apply the leave type to their request 
        • Request Annual Leave & See Annual Leave Balance
        • Upload a document to a Sick Leave Request 
        • Live Status Updates on Requests 
        • Employee have access to thier departments leave calendar
        My Workforce TNA Employee Leave Requests    My Workforce TNA Department Leave Calendar

          Download Now & take advantage of this great new feature by getting your employees to download My Worforoce TNA now!


          Find out more about the other features available with ATS Workforce TNA Click Here or Contact Us to talk to our friendly sales team.

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