How to Manage Employees Working from Home

April 15, 2020

How to Manage Employees Working from Home

Working from home and remote has now become the norm for most people working in non-essential businesses. Due to the current health crisis, many companies are transferring to a remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Working from home has its challenges and also raises questions around the operational processes. How can you manage attendance and communicate with employees working from home? How can you keep payroll running while working remotely?  

Check out the following quick tips on managing employee attendance for remote teams:  


Tip 1 - Track Time & Attendance, the right way  

Time tracking is essential for tracking productivity and time for payroll. Ensuring employees are paid correctly for the hours they work. So how do employees who are working from home record their time?   

There are different types of time tracking software available. Aussie Time Sheets has everything your business needs to record your employee attendance remotely.  You may choose to implement an employee self-service system, where the employee can log their start and finish time in their web browser using a pc or tablet. 

Employee apps are top-rated and are essential for managing employees who work from home or on the road. Mobile apps are perfect for employees to log in and out on the go and manage holiday leave from their mobile. Employees working remotely or from home can log into the system and record their start and finish times. Once a pay period is over, they check and approve the total hours on the timesheet ready for approval from their manager or payroll officer.   


Tip 2 – Remote Access to Timesheets and Payroll Systems    

Accessing systems and applications remotely is essential. You may need offsite access to data to manage payroll from your home office, or if you are running multiple sites, you'll need access form head office. Aussie Time Sheets has everything your business needs to manage timesheets remotely and integrates with popular online and cloud-based payroll systems.   

Every business should consider implementing a dynamic payroll system that can be accessed online. An online payroll system will ensure you can process payroll while working remotely from home and allows a business to optimise its daily operations while ensuring compliance and accuracy. We recommend considering Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB that offer an online system for access to payroll wherever you are.  


Tip 3 - Make communicating to the team from home easy  

Many online communication tools make it easy to chat with your employees working from home. Now is a good time to implement further tools and get staff ready to work from home for longer. Instant messaging tools are a great way to communicate quickly and easily. Microsoft teams, Slack, Google hangouts no matter what platform you prefer, there is an app available. These tools help ensure that your workforce can run seamlessly and keep the lines of communication open between employees. Enabling your workforce to work smarter, spending less time on back and forth email chains and communicate instantly.  


Tip 4 - Implement digital tools & technology  

Working from home or remotely is hardly a new concept. The chances are that you already work from if you're in an industry like IT services, customer service, freelancers or bookkeeping. Daily catchups are important, and face to face where possible is even better. Web conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype and Webex are perfect for getting everyone together from home. Video communications help employees working from home feel like they are part of the team and brings everyone together. Video calls are also more engaging, and everyone can see each other body language and make eye contact.   


If you are considering implementing a time and attendance solutions for your business to manage employee timesheets head over to Time and Attendance Solutions for Working From Home page to check out our range of solutions.   

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