Time Sheet Solutions with Integration to Xero Payroll

February 18, 2019 1 Comment

Time Sheet Solutions with Integration to Xero Payroll

At Aussie Time Sheets we pride ourselves on providing reliable and affordable time and attendance solutions for small to medium businesses across Australia. We know how much is packed into a business owners’ day, so we aim to simplify and streamline your systems to save you time and money. Aussie Time Sheets now integrates directly with your Xero payroll, making paying employees fast and simple!

How Do I use Xero for Timesheets?

Our timesheet software eliminates tedious manual entry and mistakes by syncing timesheets directly to Xero. Once timesheets are ready, simply export your employee’s hours to Xero with just one click. You can then use Xero to process payroll, calculate employee costs and create invoices, easily and accurately.

Our timesheet software automatically calculates accrued leave and has intuitive award interpretation, allowing you to calculate multiple allowance types per department or employee, so you never miss a late-night shift or public holiday. This ensures the timesheets being sent to Xero are always accurate.

How does the Xero API Integration work with Xero Payroll?

Our time and attendance software have a direct API integration to Xero, streamlining your payroll process and saving you time. PaySync is an API connector application that integrates with our Basic, Premier and Workforce TNA timesheet solutions. PaySync allows you to seamlessly integrate your timesheet data directly via API from your Aussie Time Sheet software to your Xero Payroll. There’s no messy exporting or importing, just direct API integration to Xero Payroll with the click of a button. Aussie Time Sheets can be linked to Xero using PaySync within minutes, and you’re able to control multiple Xero accounts by easily switching between multiple companies with just a couple of clicks.

This seamless API integration with Xero allows fully calculated employee work hours to be sent to Xero as either a draft or an approved timesheet. Leave can also be sent from Aussie Time Sheets to Xero as either approved or unapproved leave. Employees are also able to log in to Xero at any time and view their timesheets and leave. The syncing of this data is effortless, so you can always be in control of and confident in your business’s employee data.

Why Use Xero for Payroll?

Xero is a world-leading accounting software built especially for small businesses. Xero allows you to have a real-time view of your cashflow, reconcile transactions in seconds, send online invoices and log in anytime, anywhere on any device. If you’re not sure if Xero is right for your business, why not try it for free? You can trial Xero free for 30 days here.


Through our seamless integration with Xero, Aussie Time Sheets provides you with accurate employee data in real time at your fingertips. Using Aussie Time Sheets and Xero together allows you to process your payroll easily, accurately and conveniently, without all the hassle of tracking down and entering manual timesheets and the mistakes they ensue. To learn more about our Xero API integration and how it can benefit your business, contact our friendly Aussie Time Sheets team today.

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March 20, 2020

Looking at integrating time clocking into Xero and looking at buying a time clocking device. Thanks

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