ATS Cloud Clocking with Basic & Premier

July 20, 2022

ATS Cloud Clocking with Basic & Premier

Cloud Clocking is out now with Aussie Time Sheets Basic & Premier


Aussie Time Sheets Basis & Premier now have an excellent new feature, Cloud Clocking!  

Easily sync all your time clocks live from anywhere in Australia.  

Cloud Clocking has some great benefits that you will find advantageous to your business and how you manage your data. Check out some of the great benefits. 

You will love the benefits of Cloud Clocking:   

  • Connect your clock to your software from anywhere with an internet connection  
  • Employees can clock from remote sites with all the times syncing back to your software 
  • Sync Live Data from your time clock to your timesheets  
  • Automatic Data Backups so you will never lose your data   
  • Automatically sync your time clock data; no downloads or uploads are required 

Aussie Time Sheets fully support cloud clocking. No VPN, port forwards or router rules or IT help is required.   
Make the switch to cloud clocking, which is included with the ATS annual licence.  


What this means for Lifetime Licence Holders

Customers with a lifetime clock licence must move to our new annual time clock licence to receive this great feature. Contact us below to upgrade your time clock licence type. 

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